September Favourites

I do love this time of year. The month begins so hot and full of summer, as it goes through the weeks it gets cooler and the leaves start to fall….which makes me very happy! Soon the best part of my wardrobe comes into its own and all the scarves make their little way into my handbag….yaaay!

It might be worth me putting in a little chart that shows my moods correlation to the temperature. It goes down, my mood goes up!

Anyway, that is enough gushing about Autumn, let’s talk about the end of summer. We are always sad to see it go…the end of iced coffee season for most and the putting away of the little white dresses. It is a shame to see them go, and I will miss my new found love for demon shorts….so it is time to wrap up the season and this month with a spot of favourites!

In The Kitchen:

There is something so satisfying about fresh ground coffee. The way it feels, the way it smells and best of all the way it tastes!

It tastes even better when it is from your favourite coffee shop! God Bless the team at The Society Cafe in Bath. The freshly ground their house blend beans to the perfect grind for me coffee pot. It makes the perfect espresso…what makes it even better is adding a touch of almond milk……it makes it taste like caramel!

In the Bathroom:

Just because the mornings are getting darker and nights are drawing in faster doesn’t mean that we should neglect our skin!

I am all about protecting my skin all year round, so I have switched out to this light SPF to pop on in the morning before I hit the road. As always, my skincare is french……lord I’m so predictable.

In The Bedroom:

I’m probably the only married lady that takes her rings of at any opportunity! This is not because I don’t love them…..they bring me so much joy that I take them off to protect them.

I see so many ladies who’s rings have become cloudy due to dirt and grease build up, it just makes me sad and I don’t want my rings to look like that!! Before I do my evening skincare routine or take a shower, I pop my babies in this beautiful ring holder I picked up in Anthropology. It fits my bedside table theme perfectly, and reminds me of some beautiful flowers that use to grow in my Nan’s garden.

In The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa (aka in the living room):

Confession Time: I am addicted to terrible TV! The Hills, Rich Kids, Big Rich Texas, Made in Chelsea……I love it all!

Over the last month I have become hooked on hayU. It’s an app on our TV and I just love it! All my favourite non-sense TV shows are on their, so it is perfect for a binge watch session.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):

I have been a little run down lately from running around for one thing and another…so the dark blue vein on my lip has been making itself known more than usual.

To help cover it up I have been reaching for these 2 must haves from Charlotte Tilbury……Pillow Talk Lip Cheat and Red Carpet Red lipstick. These 2 things have been hiding this little bugger and allows me to run around more without people knowing I am under the weather.

So that was September!!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!! I will be spending mine moving gravel around in the garden and decorating for Halloween!!

Hugs and Love xXx

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