Story Time: 5 Things That Inspire Me

Inspiration can come in so many shapes and sizes. It doesn’t need to inspire you to be creative, it can bring you enough joy to make others smile or just be yourself.

These little things can make you smile on your worst day and feel yourself when you have had to be the other version of you all day.

So……what are 5 things that inspire me every day:


The place, the vibe, the people….everything about this magical place makes me smile as soon as I drive into town or jump off the train.

Spending the first part of my freedom years here has made this place have the most special place in my heart. Still having some of my most beautiful friends live there makes it that little bit better! No matter what, they bring out the Me in Me and that is ver a bad thing!

White Butterflies:

Since I lost my Grandparents on my Dad’s side, I have seen little white butterflies wherever I go. They use to just be in pairs, making me think that they are watching out for me.

Since my Mama passed away last year, I keep seeing them in threes. This now makes them extra special because they are now all looking after me.

The Boy and I have a hydrangea plan in our garden that attracts there little guys, in threes, all summer.

They always make me feel protected and safe.

Tattoo Books:

Tattoos are a massive part of my life! One of my first memories is sitting on my Dad’s lap whilst he was having work done. It is something that I always knew would be in my life and a way I always wanted to express myself.

When I am feeling down, or I miss my Dad, I head into the nearest book shop, pull the tattoo books off the shelf, sit on the floor and spend some time with the people I recognise.

I take a lot of nonsense from a lot of people about the tattoos I have and the ones I plan to get, and when it all gets too much and I am sick of defending myself….I reconnect with who I am.

My Kitchen:

If I can’t find my creative mojo…..I head straight for my kitchen and search for answers in the fridge. This is not so I can munch my way out of house and home, but so I can pair random things together for dinner or in a cake!

No matter what, this magical part of the house will get me out of my funk, and nourish The Boy and myself for the next few days!

My People:

My Family and Friends are incredible people! They are the strongest, kindest and most loving people I could ever ask to have around me.

If my world is coming to an end, or I can’t find my way back to myself, they are the resource I turn to first. The Boy is usually the one who gets the full brunt of my down in the dumps, but he soon lifts me back up and points me towards the person who I need most……It’s usually my Dad but if I am having a fashion crisis he might not always want to know!

So these are the things that inspire me. Who or what inspires you?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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