Wedding 101: Hair and Makeup

As with most parts of the wedding planning process, the activity of picking out your hair and makeup for the day is fun and stressful at the same time! It is a time consuming process and if done incorrectly can leave you in tears not looking the way you want to.

Don’t forget, you are paying a lot of money for this service, so it has to be perfect……..Unfortunately this process is a case of trial and error so I would recommend getting started as soon as you can with your research.

Once you have been through Pinterest, instagram and stalked you wedding photographers website….it’s time to get started.

Talk to your hairdresser:

This is the person who sees you probably once every 6-9 weeks and has an arsenal of information! The have a list of makeup artists they have worked with before or who are linked to the salon. They may also be a makeup artist as well, so they can point you in the right direction.

Once you have talked about makeup, it’s time to talk about hair. You need to decide pretty quickly what sort of thing you want to do with your hair on your big day. Hair can take a while to grow, so if you want a fancy up-do and have hair as short as mine, you should be working on a plan of action pretty quickly.

(Side note: my amazing hairdresser made me feel amazing about not wanting to grow my hair. I figured that I would be growing it to put it up in a style that is much like what is on my head now….so we both agreed it was freaking pointless to do anything else……except for growing out the purple….sad times)

See Examples:

Whoever you have decided to trail, ask to see their portfolio, website or any examples they may have. If you want a highly dramatic look with an crazy up-do and they only do natural makeup with a beachy wave, what is the point of making an appointment.

Test Runs:

If you are not booking your hairdresser for your big day, book as many test runs and trials with the people you like as you can. It is also an excuse to have a bit of a pamper every couple of weeks.

In these appointments don’t be afraid to say what you like and don’t like. You need to be 100% happy with what you are getting so speak your mind people!

BYO (Bring Your Own):

If there are any products that you are set on using on your big day, or products that you know work for you no matter what, for the love of a good lipstick bring it with you! Not every makeup keeps the entirety of the Liberty Beauty Hall with them.

With that, if the artist you select recommends any powders or you fall in love with a lip product they are using on you it is time to go out and purchase it! This way you are top up on the day as needed.

Take a trip:

This is probably one controversial…but….on the day, I decided to up route and drag my bridal party to the hairdressers rather than having them come to us. To be fair there were 2 reasons for this: 1) it is cheaper because we would have had to pay for additional time spent traveling as part of the appointment 2) my hairdresser is a stylist and does not go out and about so to guarantee she did my hair we had to go to them.

Making this trip to them gave me a little while to get away from the venue set up caos and some time to spend with my beautiful friends.

If you are a ball of stress like me, it is a great time to get away from questions and problems so you can focus on you and get in the right frame of mind for the day.

So….those are my tips for picking and sorting out your hair and makeup. I hope you all find what you want and are as happy as we were with our service!

Special thanks to the team at Rush Windsor. They are all amazing and I love them all to bits xXx

Have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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