Wedding 101: Wedding Dress Shopping

The words “Wedding Dress” seem to spark joy and fear into the hearts of any bride or bride-to-be… have your vision, everyone else has their vision……and then you have to get all of that in one physical dress……I know our big day has been and gone, but it is giving me palpitations just thinking about it.

To state the obvious, research is key! If you google the heck out of wedding dresses and stockists you will find what you are looking for it your size and budget. I am not even going to recommend where to start with this as the internet is a crazy place where you can find everything!!

Today I wanted to go through my top 5 tips for stress free wedding dress shopping in store……

The Numbers Game:
As soon as you say you are off wedding dress shopping, the world wants to go with you! Your Mum, Fiancé’s Mum, Sisters, friends…..and the old lady from the end of the road……

All these people are lovely and the mean well, but the last thing you need in your ear are 50 other opinions. I even witnessed a massive row between 10 ladies as I waited at my first dress appointment, all because the bride didn’t like the dresses everyone else picked out for her.

In the end, I was just me and my Mum in the store. I had gone through about 50 dresses with my Mama separately online…..and both Mama and Dadums came to see the final dress once it had been ordered…..but other than them, my shopping group was super small…..and it made it so much easier!

Ignore The Size:
They say that wedding dresses are cut to their own sizes……I am 100% sure this is true of “Standard” size dresses, but the complete opposite of plus size dresses. They are cut pretty well and you do not have to ‘size up or down’.

No matter what size you are, ignore the number on the label! Just consider these things instead: does it feel good? Does it make you happy? If the answers are yes……you don’t need to think about the size!!!

The Assistance Knows Best:
To go slightly with the size point I made, the assistant always knows best! The can tell you what size to order, how many fittings you will need and even recommend you the correct underwear for the dress you have picked!

Make a Kit:
You can make a survival for most situations, wedding dress shopping is no exception! Your kit should include; a multi way bra, giant white panties and a shoe with a mid-size heel. This way you are prepared for every dress you are trying on!

You do you:
If you ignored my first point and have taken about 50 people with you, just remember; This is your day, this is your dress…….wear what the heck you want!!

I hope this helps you in your search for a beautiful dress for your most perfect day xXx

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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