Wedding 101: Wedding Dress Story Time

A few days ago I published a post about my tips for wedding dress shopping, but I wanted to let you into on a little secret…….my first in store experience SUCKED!

Today I wanted to do my own version of Story Time to tell you the good and the bad of my experience so no bride out there has to go through this horrible experience……so…….

Once upon a time…….

I was super excited to start seeing what was out there in the way of dresses, like any bride would. I had trawled through magazines and Pinterest for days to find something that was just perfect. I had my Mama looking all over the world to find plus size dresses that didn’t look like a giant curtain or frumpy.

In the end I couldn’t take it anymore and popped into a bridal store just to see some dresses in person. I made the very silly mistake of going into a standard wedding shop near my 9 to 5 on my lunch break, just to take a peak.

Upon entering the store I was given a head to toe scan by the sales assistant (always a good way to start an appointment). After a little chat and explaining what I was trying to achieve from the appointment, she advised that they just didn’t have anything in my size and if I wanted to see anything I could just hold it up to myself and guess.

You can only imagine how I felt about this. To give them another chance I had a look around and asked about ordering other sizes or possible adjustments. I was advised that any larger sizes would have to be paid for in full and if they didn’t fit they could not do a refund. Adjustments would have to be taken into my own hands and any issues I would have to deal with on my own.

At this point, I picked up my bag and left……cried in my car, called my Mama to cry some more and proceeded not to eat very much for the next week.

Ok ok, I know this is not the best idea and I would not encourage the not eating thing, but this whole experience left me feeling ugly and like I didn’t deserve to be a bride.
I will not name the store, but I did have a formal apology from the owner and the staff member faced some serious consequences (apparently). The main thing is, no bride should ever feel this way. No person should ever feel this way…..the end!!!

My main take away from this was that to get a better experience I should look for Plus Size wedding shops in the UK and just travel as far as I had to.

On the off chance I found Daisy Love. This beautiful store is now located near Uxbridge, however during my dress shopping they were in Datchet (near Windsor and where we got married).

On the off chance I booked an appointment just to have a look and see what size I might need when it came to it. I even dragged my Mum along just in case I had another disastrous appointment!

Turns out the universe was sending me to the perfect place for the perfect experience! I walked into my appointment and the store owner created me with a hug and a warm smile. I explained my previous experience and I felt her heart break for me. As the appointment went on she just amazed me. I would love to say she went above and beyond to make this time a million times better, but she didn’t need too. Whatever would have been extra effort for anyone else was just her being her.

Within 3 dresses I had found ‘The One’ and we placed an order then and there. Everyone we dealt with was wonderful. The advise about sizing, alterations, tailors and how it all works was just amazing! Every question I had, they answered and nothing was too much trouble.

The assistant who was helping us (the beautiful Alex) was leaving and stayed on an extra week to make sure she could be there when I collected my dress. This is what happens when you have wonderful staff who understand and know what they are doing.

If you are looking for a wedding dress size 18 up, please go and see them!! They have an amazing selection of dresses to suit all budgets and styles.

Moral of the story: go to where will provide you the service that you need……and don’t let people make you feel unworthy!

Hugs and love xXx

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