November Favourites

November is always one of my favourite months. This time last year we where just coming down off the wedding and honeymoon high. This year we are a little bit more settled and getting ready to celebrate Christmas!!

The highlight of the month was our annual trip to Center Parcs which instantly made me feel festive and refreshed all at the same time. The fireworks, the fresh air and the silence just makes everything else melt away.

I know I recommend this place all the time, but if you are looking for some clarity and an opportunity to really connect with your other half, family or yourself make a booking for any of their villages!

After that gush-fest…..let’s get into what has been keeping me going this past month.

In The Kitchen:
Over the last few years, I think I have tried every almond milk on the market. The Rude Health one is pants (sorry Rude Health), the Alpro one is really yummy….but we have a new front runner in this race….

Whatever Innocent touches is amazing, so it should be no surprise that their almond milk is perfect! It foams like a dream, it works in cereal really well and it makes excellent pancakes… it’s really a winner all round!!

In The Bathroom:
This sounds like a really boring this to be lovely right now, but I have switched up my electric toothbrush head and it is a real game changer.

This new head makes my teeth feel cleaner and works really well with my whitening toothpaste for a super sparkly smile!

In The Bedroom:
As November comes to a close, it brings with it the cold weather…….This shift in the temperature has prompted me to go through my knitwear and see what is missing.

Whilst we were away I nipped into one of the beautiful Center Parcs boutiques and grabbed these 2 little guys. These are both super soft, super chic and super versatile! I have been sporting them to the 9 to 5 as well as out and about in my down time.

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka In The Living Room):
Those of you who have been visiting me for a while will know that I am super obsessed with doing my nails. They are perfectly painted at all times…..

Over the years I have tried every single top coat out there…..except Seche Vite. Lord knows why I haven’t picked it up, but I am so glad I now have it in my kit!
It dries super quickly and sets your manicure like cement!

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka my handbag):
This month I wanted to shine the spotlight on my handbag itself!
Now we are in the colder wetter end of the year, it is time to crack out my Mulberry Bayswater until the leaves start to pop back on the trees.
I adore this bag! It is spacious, chic but weighs a ton no matter how little you put in it. To be honest that never puts me off and I come back to it Year after year.

So what have you all been loving this month? Has November been treating you well?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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