Christmas Prep: Writing Gift Lists

The title of this post is super misleading……I am not encouraging you to write a list of gifts you are looking to get this Christmas….you can do that if you want, but I like to do my letter to Santa in private.

Today I am giving you the rundown on how I make the perfect Christmas Gift Shopping list so you can keep track of everything this festive season. This is a 2 step process and may seem a little bit of a faff, but you will thank me for it….promise!

Brain Dump:
The first thing I like to do is make a massive list of all the people I need to buy for. This is everyone from The Husband all the way through to random little gifts that I need to pick up along the way.

The best idea is to do this on a random piece of paper that you can recycle later on.

Curated List:
After I dump everything out on the page, I make a few grids in my notebook with a square for each beautiful person I have on my original list. I break these lovely people up into categories.

There is Husband first (he’s the hardest to buy for so he has to go first), followed by my family, then his family.

Budget Time:
One you have everyone in their little square, it’s time time allocate them a budget. I know it sounds a bit cold, but I have to be honest and say I can not spend as much as I want on everyone so they all have a little budget each.

Gift Brainstorm:
I love a good brainstorm session!!!! To do this, I recommend that you sit with one of your favourite online retailers open and mooch through it to look for ideas. I personally like to sit with Firebox open to find something a bit different. I am super lucky because my family are as crazy as I am, so the fun gifts that this place offered really appeals to all of us!!

Completion Tracker:
Once I have my shopping list, I create a few little boxes labelled with; Ordered, Dispatched, Arrived, Wrapped, Packed.
Packed is for the gifts that we have to deliver or send off with family members as the come and see us.

I promise, if you follow this little checklist for gift shopping, you won’t over buy or misplace a gift ever again.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies xXX hugs and love xXx

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