Finding your Festive Spirit!

Out of all my friends, I am the Christmas Pixie. I am the first to want the tree up, the first to wrap gifts, and the one to spread the Christmas joy.

When I start my Christmas countdown, I get a lot of eye rolls but I also get a lot of questions about how I feel so festive so quickly when the month changes over.

So here are my top 5 ways to find your Christmas Spirit:

Take a step back:

Christmas is the perfect to to really step back and look at the people you love! This sounds a bit ominous, but it is the most beautiful thing to do this time of year.

When I sit and write my gift and card lists, I like to sit and really think about what these people bring to my life and how much they mean to me. I also make sure to make a note of these things and write it in their cards. It’s a super quick way to bring the joy out in you.

Day Trip:

Ok, it’s time to grab your Mum, Dad and Granny. Bundle them all into the car and head over to your local garden centre.

This sounds so random, but this time of year the larger garden centres have amazing Christmas displays with lights, songs….they whole nine yards! If you don’t feel festive after that, I don’t know what to say!

If you don’t feel festive, at least you have spent time with your family and that will always warm the soul.

Time to take some time:

I know you just spent a bunch of time with your family at the garden centre, but this is the prefect time of year to spend visiting family and friends.

I like to bake a yummy treat, grab a bottle of cider and some mulling spices to make a visit extra special. I have been known to even grab a terrible Christmas film with me to show their little ones……usually resulting in me getting yelled at after they want to watch “A Muppet Christmas Carole” for the 50th time!

Another Trip:

Jump in the car or grab a hot chocolate and take a turn around your neighbourhood around dusk/evening time…..just as the Christmas lights start coming on.

These lights seem to bring a sprinkle of magic to the world that you just can’t ignore!

Write a note and spread some kindness:

It’s time to spread some joy into the hearts of others. All the beautiful words you wrote down earlier, it’s time to spread those things to the people who deserve to hear them.

Take a little time and spread this joy to others.

What are your tips for feeling festive? Are you in the spirit of the season already? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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