Christmas Food Prep – How I arrange my menu

The festive season is stressful. The shopping, the constant rushing from place to place….and then you remember that it’s your turn to cook Christmas Dinner……..this is when people around the UK scream and hide under the dining table.

Fret not my lovely friends! As always….I am hear with 5 steps to getting your menu sorted and your shopping list a breeze:

Step 1:

Get out your sticky notes and write out how many days you have people over.

For us we have people with us Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. It is just us on Christmas Day…so we need to be fed as well!

Step 2:

Break down when people are coming and what food you need to make.

This is where we get very granular and think what meal they are coming for and exactly what you need to feed them with.

Don’t forget to pop down if people are just stopping in for a quick drink… Christmas drinks must always be accompanied by mince Pies….even if it a quick cup of tea.

Step 3:

Write you shopping list. I like to grab a big piece of paper, fold it into 4 and go to town on all the things I could need from the different areas of the supermarket.

Write everything down…..every little thing you can think of, even the stuff you think you have in the cupboard… never know what you might have missed.

Step 4:

Speaking of the cupboards…’s time to take your list into the kitchen and cross off the things you have in stock.

I know Christmas is the time to eat in excess (sort of) but there is no reason to have 3 jars of pickle in the cupboard if you don’t need them!

Step 5 (the worst step of all):

It’s time to hit the shops…..which I dislike at the best of times!! Take it isle by isle, step by step.

My main advise is to go either very early in the morning, or a day in the week……please please avoid going at the weekends…..nobody needs to get that stressed over Christmas!!

So that is my step buy step guide to getting the Christmas food shop done!

Have a wonderful festive weekend everyone xXx sending hugs and love

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  1. Nicole’s Niches says:

    This is so smart!


    1. Thank you so much! It really does help with my silly food intolerances as well….it means I don’t go off on a tangent! xXx

      Liked by 1 person

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