2018 Refections and 2019 Intentions

This year has been another strange one. We have seen some highs and lows. Good health and health scares from all over the place.

We have celebrated our first year of marriage and mourned the first year of Mama not being with us, which was the hardest thing in the world!

I have to give this year a mark out of 5, it would be a solid 3. I have loved some parts, spent some time with some beautiful friends, read some amazing books and really tried to work o myself as much as I can.

I learned that my hippy side needs a little bit of nourishing. Hippy Lotz has been coaxed back to the front of my personality pile by the reintroduction of yoga twice a week. This has brought back with it my love of tarot and crystal healing (which has been working wonders for my hormones and mental health by the way).

A post from The House of Lotz wouldn’t be complete without a top 5…..so…..i have created 5 things I want to implement going into 2019 (which I may have already got a head start on):

Screen Time:

I have a love hate relationship with my phone. It is a brilliant little thing and I do love to have it, but at the same time I spend way to much time mooching through pointless parts of the internet and spending money in shopping apps……when I look back I have spend more money at 2230 at night than I have any other time of day.

This coming year I plan to leave my phone either on my desk or by my bed when I get home so I can spend more time with The Boy.

Eat More Whole Foods:

Since my little health scare at the beginning of the year, I have been reaching for processed foods that I know I can eat. There is a little pre-set safe list I have in my head when we go around the supermarket which consists of cake, cereal bars and fast food….which is NOT good for me! I have been complaining of feeling “puffy” over the last few months so i looks at all the ingredients lists. Everything is full of salt, excess sugars and all kinds of crap. This is no surprise to me at all, but to sit and look at the different ingredients in everything made me feel a little disappointed in myself.

I now resolve to find a way of making these things at home using whole foods and ingredients that I can find in my cupboard!

Be Nice:

I have been seeing the same quote around instagram for months now, and i keep ignoring it…..but this week i have decided to implement it in my life. “If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself!”

This week my depression and high functioning anxiety decided to gang up on me and cause a nice little paranoia episode. I was in tears to both The Boy and my Dad about how I was feeling and they both said the same thing. Be nicer to yourself! As always they are right, I should be nicer to myself! I haven’t had one of these episodes in a while, but to have it come so close to Christmas was a sign.

I will be speaking to myself more kindly and listening to what my inner self needs from me. This means taking a step away from the 9-5 when I need to and focusing on what I need from me!

Save More:

There have been a few points in the year where a rainy day fund would have come in handy. Alas I have nothing like this at the moment.

This year I plan to squirrel away a secret amount each month, and anything that is left over from my weekly budget back will now go back into the pot, rather than spending it on something frivolous!

Maintain The Carry Overs:

At the beginning of 2018 I set myself a few goals that I want to carry over to 2019 because I enjoyed them so much!

I will be continuing a health lifestyle (going to the gym and eating right), reading a book every month and spending more time with my beautiful family and friends!

What do you have in store for 2019?

I hope you had the most beautiful festive season and that 2019 brings you what you deserve.

Can’t wait to see you on the other side xXx hugs and love xXx

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