Six Month Bookshelf Catch Up

One of my main goals for last was to read at least 1 book a month…which I am so happy to say I managed to do!! The only down side to this goal is that I have ready some amazing things and keep recommending them to everyone!

If you made a similar goal for this year… is what I read the last 6 months of last year….and 6 boos you should pick up ASAP!

July and August: Murder in Mesopotamia” and “Murder Under The Sun” by Agatha Christie

Ok, reading 2 books by the same author back to back might seem like a cop out, but hear me out……..

For my lovely guest who live in the UK, you may have seen that ITV like to play Agatha Christie files on Sunday afternoons in the Summer. Whilst I was at my Dad’s we watched a few and the murder mystery bug bit me.

Both of these books are set in warm climates and are both Poirot mysteries…..which made me feel very summery. As always Christie provides the prefect page turner to accompany you in your sunbathing!

If you are looking for a classic novel that will keep you intrigued and make you want to invest in white linen, please pick these up!

September: “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are” by Sophie Mas et al.

I think I am still stuck in school mode, because I love to give myself a mini-rebirth in September. It is the change in the Fashion Seasons, the start of a new school year… there is no harm!

I am obsessed with French style, skincare, food, culture…everything….so re-reading this book in September was the perfect time for me to re-vamp myself and road test some things I want to do for the 2019.

This is a sassy overview of Parisian women and the very chic way they do everything! If you looking for an easy ready with beautiful illustrations and image….please pick this up!

October: “Sweetbitter” by Stephanie Danler

The universe was trying to send me messages about this book all year! I had seen it in book videos by my favourite YouTubers, it was reviewed in magazines….it has even been made into a TV series that has been following me around.

This is a coming of age classic about a girl who moves to New York. She becomes a waitress and gets sucked into the crazy restaurant world. There is love, sex, drugs, pain and poetry.

If you are looking for something that will really make you think…..and not gush over the romantic subplot, pick this up ASAP!

November: “Look alive 25” by Janet Evanovich

I love this women! In my mind anything she writes (except her romance novels) is GOLD!

I have been reading this series since I was 17 and we have finally reached number 25. This series follows the story of Stephanie Plumb and her inability to do her bounty hunter job very well. She bounces between two lovers and her family is crazy.

This story follows her search for a most resent FTA and a crazy misadventure involving kidnappings.

I appreciate I have not explained this book very well, but you need to read these books! I started at number 10 and filled in the gaps, so you can pick up 25 and still know what is going on!

December: “The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle” by Stuart Turton

A little back story on this book before I get into this: I saw this book mentioned on a “Recommend Holiday Read” Sheer Lux video and thought I would give it a quick look. As soon as I picked it up in my local Waterstones the Sales Assistant ran over to me and told me i had to read this straight away! She was 20 pages from the end and still had no idea who did it!

This is another murder mystery to add to my year of books, and it was just amazing! I cant even start to explain how amazing this look is, so I will just say read it! You will not have a clue who did it until the very end!

So that was the last 6 months on my book shelf! If you pick any of these up let me know in the comments so we can share notes!

Sending you all the hugs and New Years love xXx have a great weekend xXx

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