Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Beginners

New Year New Me seems to be in full effect. I see so many people I know and love have begin their big summer body diets and pledged to be in the gym until they look like a Victoria Secret model. I say this from a loving place but so many of them will fall of the wagon within the first few weeks, and all because they set too high and expectation.

I have been in this same position. I started what can only be described as crash diets and extreme workout regimes to fall flat on my face and gain back a bunch of weight.

The problem with this is that I kept approaching all of these things as a quick fix/short term diet with an end point….which is just dumb! I learned from a beautiful friend of mine that diets are stupid and a healthy lifestyle is what you want. No more quick fixes……this needs to a way of life!

Since making this change I have lost weight and kept it off, which is the bonus that is created by an active lifestyle. Being active is now part of my weekly routine……and I have never been happier!

Today I wanted to share my 5 top tips to change your mindset from “I need to do a crash diet” to “This is my healthy lifestyle”………

Ditch the diet:

It’s time to stop thinking about diets as a short term thing. Say goodbye to the low carb, keto diets, diet pills and meal replacement plans! I’ve been there….they cause long term problems that you might not be able to fix or they spiral out of control. Take a long look at the way you eat now and make a realistic plan on how to eat better/smarter.

Near the end of this year I found myself with an injury that meant I couldn’t work out or stand for too long. This last problem made it very difficult to cook because I couldn’t stand in the kitchen for too long. This resulted in a bit of a dependency on takeout and quick foods. This year the takeout has been ditched in favour of making healthy meals at home.

Pace Yourself:

There is no point in pledging to yourself that you will go to the gym every day or getting up early and going for a run every day if it is not something you can reasonably maintain.

Start small. Pledge to go to they gym 3 days a week or join a running club that meets so many evenings. Once this has established itself as a solid routine, add an extra day and see how you feel.

I was working with my amazing PT once a week for a few months as a starting point (which was good for me having been sat on my butt for the best part few years). Once that felt like second nature and made me feel like I could do a little more, I kept my session with her and then repeated it 2 days a week on my own. Having been going through this cycle a few times I am now at the point where I am in the gym 4 times a week and yoga twice a week. This is a perfect balance for me right now.

Drink all the water:

I know everyone has heard this a million times over, but water is soooooo important. It keeps everything in your body happy….so please…..drink more water!!!

Try Different Things:

You must lift weights to get the perfect body, do only cardio, do this class that class….blah blah blah!

These are the messages we hear all the time about the ways to get the body that you want……..This is not the case lovely people! Not everyone likes to lift heavy, some people hate running, some people even don’t enjoy yoga. This is totally ok! Not all workouts are made equal for you, so find what you love to do!

My active body routine is tailored for me and might not suit you. Try as many workouts and classes as you can. You will find what you love to do and it will fit into your routine perfectly!

Track your progress……..but don’t obsess:

Keeping track of your progress is so important, but it is an easy thing to become obsessed with. I started counting the calories in toothpaste and chewing gum, as well as weighing myself every day….this is not healthy at all!

Instead of doing this, pick a single check in point and stick with it.

On the start of this healthy lifestyle I took 2 pictures of my body in my gym cloths and weighed myself, that was it. I now take a picture once a quarter and weigh myself the first Wednesday of every months. This way I keep track, but it is on my terms and my addictive personality does not come out to play!

Those are my little tips on starting a healthy lifestyle. Have you guys got any tips to share? Is there something that I should really be thinking about changing?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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