My New Office – The House of Lotz Desk Tour!

Over the last few years, I have moved work spaces upwards of 50 times. I use to write my blog posts in a little corner of out living room where I kept all my stationary. Since we have been redecorating, and my Dad has had a move around, I have found myself with a new stationary home and my Mama’s desk.

Since the little move, I have found a new create spark (which I hope you have noticed), I feel a lot more productive and more organised!

So……here is a little guided tour of my new little home:

Introducing my beautiful desk:

This beautiful piece of carpentry was my Mama’s computer desk for as long as I can remember. She would rule the world from the one space and it is such a joy to have it here!

In the draws:

Like most desks this has 3 draws and a keyboard draw. I am a bit odd in the fact that I have ditched my laptop for an iPad, and it seems to be working for me.

I wont subject you to the state which is the 3 draws as the currently hold a mix of DVD’s and for some strange reason my tarot cards.

Left corner:

You all know this, I love a good pen….so as soon as I find one I like I mist buy about 50 of them!

The little tissue things are Muji Cleaning Cloths…..if you wear glasses you need these!

Straight ahead:

These acrylic draws are the best thing in the world!! I know most bloggers use them for makeup, but to be totally honest I don’t wear enough to make them needed on my dressing table. These little guys hold all my post-its stickers, trackers and washi tape.

Right corner:

Along with being a secret redneck, I am also a secret pirate! The Boy was just AMAZING and found a way to join my love of Lego with my love of pirate for the perfect Christmas Gift! I now feel like I am on the sea in my little room in our home!

So that was my little tour of my new home. Once we have redecorated I will do a full office tour!!

Have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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