January Favourites

January is a funny little month! I find it polarises people. It is either the longest month ever, or you blinked and missed it.

I must admit that I am a member of the blink and missed it camp….but I do have an excuse for this! As part of my New Years resolutions I was determined to get ahead of myself a bit more, and in an effort to stay on top my brain is already at the end of February!

So what has been keeping the house running this month:

In The Kitchen:

After the frenzied excess over Christmas, it is so nice to have a normal amount of food in our fridge.

I have spent the last few weeks reorganising and getting back to the usual feel of the kitchen, so having a clean and tidy fridge has been a god send!

In The Bathroom:

As you all know, I am a bit clumsy…….and in an example of something only I could do, I bashed one of my newer piercings with my work bag strap. Since then I have gone back a few months in its healing.

I am now back to using my healing oil twice a day and it has really been helping! Only a few more weeks and we should be back to normal!

In The Bedroom:

The House of Lotz does not have central heating (I will wait while everyone has a fit and asks how we stay warm)……

Our home is an end terrace and on the older side so you can only image how chilly it can get. This also causes a few issues with damp.

To help with keeping the damp away and keep us a little warmer, I have been using timer plugs on all of our heaters. Our version of central heating is staggered throughout the day to ensure that our home is warm and the windows do not get wet with condensation.

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka in the Living Room):

Clearing away Christmas has made us really look at how we accessorise our home. There where a few areas that became over looked and neglected over the last few months and it has been so nice to refresh them!

I have rejigged our dining table to look a lot clearer and more functional for us…..rather than have it as my dumping ground!

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my Handbag):

In my continuous journey to reduce my non-recyclable waste, I have been looking at the little things that I can change.

My love of all things vintage has brought me back to using handkerchiefs. I found myself using single use tissues that I would just throw in a bin under my desk which will just end up in a plastics bag in a landfill, so by switching to using these handkerchiefs I can throw them in the was and use them a million times. I even have a future use for them once they start to show wear!

On The Book Shelf:

This new little favourites category is to share with you what I have been reading this month so you guys can either pick up something amazing, or take a hard pass on something terrible!

This months book is “The Girls” by Emma Cline. A wonderful book if you are into cults, the Manson Murders and the culture of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

This book has been so interesting and i really have been enjoying it! I will say it bounces around a little bit, but it is very structured so you never get sent down the wrong road!

8/10, would recommend to a friend!

So that was January! What have you all been loving this month? Leave your comments down below so I can try new things!

(Side note, as you read this I am feeling very sorry for myself having had a very long session at the tattoo’s so my additional favourite this month is Zinc and Caster Oil Cream)

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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