Tattoo Talk

As you saw in last weeks blog posts and my instagram, I have recently added to my collection of tattoos.

After I get any work done I get bombarded with a barrage of questions; Did it hurt? Why do you keep doing this to yourself? What does it mean?

This is my newest little baby:

All artwork created by Sara of Furious Weasel Tattoo, Portsmouth UK.

To answer the questions above……

Yes it hurt. They are not licked on by puppies.

I keep doing this to myself because I can, I love the way they look and I was given a blank canvas to make my own.

This is a tribute to my Mama who I love and miss so much. It’s a matching piece that I share with my Dad. Daddy: thank you for the Christmas and Birthday present!

Anyway…to the point of this post…….

I seem to be the tattoo guru of my friendship group. When someone is giving up their tattoo virginity I seem to be the person everyone goes to for advice. So to help these beautiful people, I wanted to write this handy little post to help them with their prep and after care……….So here are my 5 tips for getting your first, or any tattoo:


As with most things; all artist and studios are not created equal! Before you do a walk up or book an appointment, stalk their instagram, facebook, website and any tagging you can get your hands on. This way you can see the variety of work they do and see a good range of reviews.

Word of mouth is also brilliant!! If you are in the UK I can recommend Northgate Tattoo in Bath. Lady Luck and of course Furious Weasel both in Portsmouth. Studios are all spotless and artists are just amazing!

If you are up for a bit of pot luck, hitting a tattoo convention is a great way to get something a bit different. One of my favourite tattoo stories is when I had my ribs tattooed at a convention. Such a great day spent with my Dad and a wonderful memory to add to my collection.

Outfit Choice:

This sounds a bit daft but I promise you will thank me……think about your outfit and tattoo placement before you head to your appointment. If you are having a tattoo on your leg, don’t wear long trousers. If you are having a tattoo on your arm, don’t wear a long sleeved top.

My most recent baby is on the inside of my arm, so a sleeveless top was needed. My Dad has his on the back of his leg, so shorts where needed.

It is very simple and common sense, however you would be surprised how many people end up half naked in the studio because they where not prepared!

Hydrate and Eat:

Again, a dumb thing but I have been tattooed not having done these things and I fainted!

Before you go to your appointment grab something substantial to eat. Take a bottle of water to your appointment. Your tattooist will thank you for being prepared and not fainting or throwing up on them.

Post Tattoo Care:

Do exactly as your tattooist says. Whatever aftercare system the tell you to do…..DO IT! However there are a few things that you can prep for…….

You will need to clingfilm wrap your tattoo for a minimum of 2 days, so make sure you have some at home.

You will need to wash your tattoo so invest in some fragrance free super moisturising shower gel or hand wash (which ever is cheaper to be honest).

You will need to keep you tattoo moisturised. Don’t worry about these fancy moisturisers! Either purchase the cream/aftercare balm the studio sell, or grab some Zinc and Castor Oil cream from the baby isle of your nearest supermarket!

Comfort Food:

As my most recent addition was incredibly emotional, I allowed myself to eat all the things….including my feelings!

If you really fancy that little piece of cake, just have it. I like to allow myself the day off the tattoo and the day after to eat what i fancy and then life goes back to normal.

It is a silly one, but chocolate will help!

So those are my tattoo tips! If you are heading in for an appointment soon “Enjoy!!”

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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