5 things I do to avoid binge eating

This seems like a scary tricky subject. Binge eating is always seen as something that people with eating issues do….but this is not true. Think of the last time you declared you had a “food baby” or where so full you could not move. For some this happens a few times a year at Christmas and on Birthday, but others do this more regularly.

On a daily basis I can hear people around the 9 to 5 saying that they wish they had not eaten so and so’s birthday cake, nipping out for a cheeky breakfast sandwich or helping to finish off that box of biscuits.

With all of this comes the frequent question “Why don’t you eat any of the treats that come in?” “How do you not over eat?” “How are you not tempted?” well…..here are my top 5 tips to not binge eat, and avoiding those sneaky work snacks!

1) Is it worth me getting off my butt?

An odd question to start this list with but, it is probably the most important thing on this list.

If there is a treat that I am thinking about, I ask myself if it is worth the effort to get up, get the snack and feel the possible negative feelings about eating said snack. If it’s not, I’m going to stay at my desk or on the sofa. If it is….snack time!!

This is so silly but I am a very lazy person, but I will also never ask someone to get food for me, so I am 100% accountable for what I am consuming.

2) Listen to your stomach and your feelings.

So many of us eat out of boredom and sadness. I am the worst for eating my feelings, so I can talk about this from a knowledgeable place.

Before I eat anything, I ask myself how I am feeling. If any of these feelings are negative, I automatically switch whatever I am thinking about putting in my mouth to something green and healthy.

To combat the eating out of boredom, I make myself a cup of tea. Your brain is usually telling you it is bored of the activity you are doing, so take a break, make some tea and switch gears a little.

3) Switching Snacks.

I love a snack! That happy part of the day between morning and lunch, or after the gym where I fancy a little something-something just makes me smile.

I use to snack on chocolate and salted snacks all the time…..but now I cant eat half of them as they are not really Lotz friendly….so…..to still enjoy the designated snack times, I have switched to nuts and fruit with almond butter.

I know this sounds like a very boring swap, but trust me it is cheap, eco friendly and makes you look a little bit like a squirrel….which is never a bad thing!

4) Eating Balanced Meals.

This makes me sound like your Mum, but you really should be eating balanced meals! If I am having a Hungary day, I reduce my amount of carbs and add in some extra protein and healthy fats to satisfy my hunger. This way I wont go back to my old ways and reach of the crisps!

5) Hydration.

So this is an old wives tale, but for some reason it seems to work! I find if a hydrate more, the less I want to over snack or over eat!

Added bonus for hydration….your skin will look AMAZING!

So those are the things I do to help with eating and that help me to not over eat!

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

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