Week in Outfits – Birthday Week

On the 6th February, I celebrated my Birthday….I am now the ripe old age of 33.

For anyone about to join the 30 plus club, I promise that life is no different,you just have to think about which box you tick on forms for a while!

This year I wanted to do something a little different and do a week in outfits. This past week has been the perfect mix of a bit of everything. I have been to my 9 to 5, had some days out and about, some at home and a very fancy lunch….so I am hoping to show you a bit of everything! So….lets get into my week in outfits….

Monday: A 9 to 5 kind of day.

This was the day I had to push my car after getting it stuck on some ice, so by the time I got to where I needed to be, I was a bit of a mess!

Outfit includes: ASOS Curve pencil skirt, Yours checked shirt and long line cardigan. Don’t worry, at the office I had on strappy Clarks sandals.

Tuesday: Another 9 to 5 kind of day.

Tuesday is a yoga day, so how I look in the morning is nothing like what I look like when I get home. My cute dress was traded out for leggings, a strap top and a jumper my the time I dragged my zen butt through the front door.

Outfit includes: ASOS Curve frill dip hem dress and the worlds oldest cardigan that has no label anymore. Again, not shoeless all day, those strappy sandals reappeared!

Wednesday: My Birthday!!!

A slow and lady day was had my all and I could not be happier! The Boy was amazing and took me to the London Street Brasserie for lunch. It was wonderful to spend time watching the ducks bob down the river and eat way to much food!

Outfit includes: M&S printed shirt and Yours Clothing jeans. My fancy Chloe looking Office boots where added on the way out the door.

Thursday: Out and About!

The Boy is amazing and let me drag him around the “Good Grief Charlie Brown” exhibit at Somerset House. If you are a Snoopy fan and can get to London before it closes in a week or so, please go! It is fantastic!!!!

Outfit includes: ASOS Leather Jacket, Louis Vuitton Scarf, Gap Jumper, Yours Clothing Jeans, Black Vans and Longchamp Bag.

Friday: Home Day.

And on the Friday they rested! I was absolutely knackered in Friday, so we did the absolute minimum! Food shopping, a spot of lunch and the rest of the day on the sofa reading my February book (to find out what book I have been reading, stay tuned for my monthly favs post on the 23rd).

Outfit Includes: Wet Hair, ASOS Oversized Jumper, ASOS Leggings and Warm Socks from Mama and Dadums a million Christmases ago.

Saturday: Quick Outing.

A quick run out to Reading for a spot of shopping. As I mentioned last month, one of my piercings is being a stubborn madam so needed to grab some more tea tree oil….oh and The Boy’s birthday pressie!

Outfit Includes: ASOS Hello Kitty Jumper and Yours Clothing Jeans. Vans and a black cashmere scarf where added running out the door.

Sunday: My inner Abbey!

Can you tell I am not leaving the house today? Sunday’s use to be breakfast out days, however blog posts and house stuff apparently does not do itself, so we have to be adult and stay home!

Outfit Includes: Gap Jumper, ASOS Halloween Leggings and my amazing new slippers that The Boy got me for my Birthday!!

So that is my week in outfits! Can you tell I am all about the ASOS and Yours Clothing?? As a lady who has been plus size for some time, I remember the days of frumpy plus size clothes being the only option out there. There was Evans and that was it, so to have something that I can relate to and doesn’t make me feel like a 50 year old women, it really makes me happy!!

I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my week xXx What are your favourite stores? Do you have a uniform like mine?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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