February is a crazy month for me! It’s full of Birthdays (including mine) and this year there were a few more bits added in just for good measure.

It is also my Mama’s birthday month, so to have my tribute tattoo be all healed for her Birthday has made me super happy.

With all of this, I took some time out on my Birthday to read my tarot (which has grabbed the attention of may of my friends so I am now booked for the next few months with reading for other people).

For my 33rd year i have decided to take my tarot to heart. Pulling the Son of Wands meant a lot of sense for the coming year. I strive for perfection, and this card is all about perfection being an illusion. Perfection brings me a lot of stress, as does letting people down, so I have decided to just take a step back from the perfection that I think I want and stop stressing.

Anyway…with the hippy stuff out they way, it’s time to get into the February Favs!

In the Kitchen:
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There is not surprise there! In spending so much time in one spot, I find that I become uninspired with my stone cupboard staples.
My old Boss had the amazing idea to smoke garlic over the summer, which he was super kind to give me. It has been a MASSIVE game changer in my recipient over the last couple of months! As we are in cold season, I have been adding it into EVERYTHING and it gives whatever you pair it with a beautiful deep flavour that nothing else can!

In the Bathroom:
After healing my tattoo at the end of January, I have found a new love for Sanex shower gel. I am usually super fancy with my shower products……I am usually the Jo Malone Shower Queen, however it is so expensive and I don’t want to waste it on a quick post gym shower.

Sanex cleans your skin and provides a good base for adding any scents over the top without causing a confused flower bomb!

In the Bedroom:
I love body oil….particularly in winter because it gets into the dry places and saves your skin from falling off!

This month I have been loving Bitter Almond Oil that I picked up in TKMaxx. It smells beautiful and really softens what every skin you put it on. I have also been known to run my hands through my hair with a little oil on and it has really been helping my bleached ends.

In the Living Room:
I am officially a million years old! The only thing I really wanted for Christmas was new slippers because my last ones bit the big one some time ago.

These beautiful hand made slippers are from The Boy for my birthday and I just love them! I now have warm feet and don’t lose my slipper half way up the stairs!

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka In My Handbag):
This month I have been using my giant Kate Spade bag. I love this bag, however it is so big to store whilst I am out and about. I can’t leave it on the back of chair when I nip out for coffee with friends because it has no zip and is not very secure.

To avoid having my wallet pinched, I have been using this adorable handbag hook. It keeps my bag near me and away from sticky fingers.

Book of the Month: “An Edited Life” by Anna Newton
If you have been moching around the internet for a while, you may have come across Anna (of the Anna Edit) in your search for beauty and organisation advise.

The beautiful human has written the most wonderful book about auditing your life to be the life you want. She helps you budget, review your self care and walks you through everything home, life and work related.
If you want a firm nudge in the right direction from a beautiful funny human, please pick up her book!

So that is what was keeping me going in February! What have you been enjoying over the last month? Is there anything you think I should try out?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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