My Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Anyone who has been interested in beauty over the last few years has been hearing the buzz about Charlotte Tilbury. Her amazing brand (to me) is the modern version of a cult classic, and has the following to prove it. Anything that is produced from her amazing brain sells out in record time, or creates a line to her flagship store in Covent Garden from half way down the road.

Over the last 3 or 4 years I have created a little bit of a collection of Charlotte Tilbury products. I always rave about her products, so I thought it was time to show what has made the cut……and what I use on a pretty much daily basis!

Base: Brightening Youth Glow.

I have typically English skin. It’s pale, pasty and I have red cheeks that just get redder throughout the day.

If you have the same problem with redness…..pick this little guy up for an instant correction and extra glow!

Lip Liners (Or Lip Cheats): Pillow Talk and Pink Venus.

Lip Cheats are this magical mix between a light lip colour and a lip liner. They are the perfect consistency for wearing on their own, or with a lipstick over the top.

Lip Sticks:

Matt Revolution: Super Model (this years limited edition colour), Love Liberty, Pillow Talk, Bond Girl, Red Carpet Red.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G: Coachella Coral.

No matter what finish you pick with her lipsticks, you will not be disappointed. The matts are not drying, long lasting and most wear off into a stain. The cream finish is rich and is long lasting.

Lip Lustre: Portobello Girl.

A gloss is a gloss in my opinion. They are as good as any gloss out there, but not as sticky.

Eyes to Mesmerise: Jean

A perfect cream shadow that can be worn on their own on as a base for a long lasting look.

These may seem super sparkly, but if you keep blending and working with it, it soon disburses.

Luxury Palettes: The Dolce Vita and Pillow Talk

These little pallets are amazing! When I am going away they seem to be the only eye shadow option I take with me. They are a day and night look all in one place!

So, that is what has made the cut for my very minimum beauty collection. I love every item and hope you give her products a go!

Have a wonderful weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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