Bullet/Creative Journal Essentials

Bullet Journalling is the newest crazy spreading through the organisational and journaling world. It is meant to be the most functional and minimal way to stay on top of your schedule and to get your massive to do lists done……so you know I had to give it a go!!

There are some amazing explanations of how to follow this method correctly (link to the original source and info here) however, in typical Lotz fashion I have slammed bullet journaling and creative journaling together to make it work for me. I can’t just have a black and white tick box set up…it would drive me mad!

Despite the fact that I have squashed 2 methods together, I think the essentials you need are pretty standard, so…..here are my top 5 Bullet/Creative Journal Essentials.

Get the right blank page for you:

The typical note book used for Bullet Journaling is a dot page format…..which is not for everyone. With my type of dyslexia dots are not for me…..lined pages are bad enough, but dots just make reading anything on a page a million times worse!

Grab yourself a few examples of different paper formats and try them out. Write some daily to do lists and see what works for you over a few weeks.

After doing this, I settled on squared/grid paper. It gives the flexibility of a blank page, mixed with the ability to keep a straight line if i need to.

Practice Practice Practice:

Once you have picked you paper preference, grab some blank sheets and start plotting out how you want to plan your days, weeks, months and years. Rather than wasting the pages of your new notebook, these scrap pages will help you work out what you do and don’t like.

I like to keep a few in the back of my notebook just in case I have a bust of inspiration on the go.

Mistakes Happen:

Whilst you are practicing/playing with your spare pages, grab a pencil and eraser. This way you can make tiny tweaks as you go.

Please please keep your pencil sharp! I blunt pencil is a very sad thing….and a pet peeve on mine!

Speaking of straight lines:

Get yourself a good ruler! I am not talking about those little plastic ones you get from a Christmas Cracker, I mean a good strong one.

I love a metal ruler….despite the fact i have cut my hand on this little bugger more times than I would like to admit, but I can guarantee that is a drop it it will not chip and will still keep a perfectly straight line!

Good Pens:

This section is dedicated to my beautiful friend D who is a stationary junky like myself! We know a good pen when we see one…..we can take the lid off or click the tip and know if it is worth our while or not. I do not care if this makes me a nerd, but it is a talent I share with my dearest friend!

Anyway…..back to pens! It’s time to invest in some good pens for your journal. No matter what your planning style is, Muji and Staedtler make the best pens to use of journaling!

So those are my top 5 Bullet/Creative Journal Essentials! Have you been bitten by the bullet journal bug? Would you like to give it a go?

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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