Top 5 tips to drink more water

I can hear you all groaning now……”Yes, yes…we know!” But are you doing it?? Are you drinking enough water? I am not talking about the recommended amount….I’m talking about an amount that makes you function at your best…….

Is you skin glowing and bouncy?

Are you peeing enough?

Is you pee a healthy colour? (Not yellow/green, it should look like a very light white wine)

Do you feel like your head is your own?

If the answer to any of these questions in no……then you need to up your water intake!

I know it is such a cliche and is a very boring topic to most, but I wanted to give you my top tips for drinking more water…..I promise you will thank me!

Find your perfect temperature:

I find that when I say “Drink More Water” people instantly think of this icy cold glass of sadness. I appreciate that some times ice cold water is great, but it is not for everyone!

Try different temperatures….there is a full rang of them between ice cold and boiling. All of them are good for you, and all of them will keep you hydrated!

What’s your flavour?

If you find that plain water is not your thing, that is totally ok! Have a play with natural flavours that can give a hint to your water.

Citrus is always a good place to start, but you can add pretty much any fruit to your water. I have a wonderful friend who is partial to cucumber and mint. I personally like to throw a hand full of berries in mine during the summer.

Presentation is everything:

I find the only way I can drink water is out of a cute cup. I know this makes me a child, but it is all about the presentation. If you are like this too, please understand that I hear you and I have you covered!

On the go, there is nothing more chic than a metal or glass bottle. This is great for the environment because you are not contributing to the piles of plastic out there, and you are being good to your wallet!

For home, a giant glass puts me off! I hate to be faced with a pint glass that I know I have to finish! I have collected some cute shorter glasses that I use as I fancy. There is everything from a short glass, all the way up to about 500mls. If this is not for you, there are some great pint and highball glasses out there.

The Final Straw:

Straws are amazing! I don’t know why, but I always feel like I drink anything faster through a straw……so it is great when you are trying to quickly hydrate before leaving the house.

Unless there is a reason for you using plastic straws (there are reasons and I totally get it), please have a look at reusable options! I love a metal straw!! I even carry a collapsible and bamboo straw in my bag for on the go.

Time is of the essence:

It takes time to make these habits natural, but in the mean time…it is time to have a little electronic assistance!

Set a timer for every hour you are at your desk, on the move or even just out of bed. Every time it does off, drink at least half a glass of water! Sooner or later you will naturally be reaching for your cup or glass without the prompt.

I hope this helps you drink a bit more water! Like I said, you will thank me!!

Have a great weekend lovelies xXx hugs and love xXx

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Briana says:

    Thanks for the tips!! Setting hour reminders for tomorrow atm! 😉


    1. Glad you liked it lovely! Have you been listening to your reminder??? XXX


      1. Briana says:

        Not always but that’s a reflection on my reminder app 😅
        I’ve been drinking more water than before though so something is changing!

        Liked by 1 person

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