My Morning Routine: Average 9 to 5 mornings

Getting out the house in the morning is stressful. It doesn’t matter if you are just trying to get yourself out the door or you have a troop of 50 to get ready. No matter what, you are stuck with a stressful morning.

I have mentioned a few times that I am a sucker for a routine, the average day to day is no exception!

Over the years, I have tried what seems like every morning routine. Getting up at 5am (that lasted about 2 days), doing all the things in the morning so you can make fresh decisions (that was awful). I have even tried waking up and rushing out the door because I was up late the night before. Non of these are any good to me! I have discovered the hard way that i am over prepared for everything, and that is ok with me!

This has made my morning routine into what it is now. Very minimal and very quick because I have invested a little time the night before to getting my butt ready for the next day!

Today we are taking about the working week. Trust me my weekend routine looks nothing like this….but we will get to that another day. So….lets get into it…..

Bathroom time:

Earring Cleaning:

First things first, its time to clean my earrings. I am probably the clumsiest person in the world, and yet again I have bashed my earring so it needs to heal…….again! I am back on the tea tree oil. This is just swiped around the piercings and left to settle in.

Natural Deodorant:

Yes I am a massive hippy! I have switched to a salt based deodorant which has honestly changed my life. This is a little over dramatic, but honestly it is fantastic! It keeps me fresh all day and the stick has been keeping me going since November last year!

Whilst my natural deodorant is drying, its time to brush my teeth! Nothing fancy going on here!!


Now I have made a mess brushing my teeth, its time to wash my face and apply all my skin care! I love these beauty pie products, however i have only been using them a little while so I can’t give you a full review!

Getting Dressed:

I am all about prep, so I always make sure my outfit is ready to go. Added bonus for The Boy because I do not need to go back into the bedroom and wake him up!

Kitchen Time:

This is probably my favourite part of my morning routine because it is the quickest and can be done on autopilot!


I make my coffee the same way every day. It’s my super quick and makes a sort of flat white/cappuccino hybrid.

Pack Lunchbox:

In typical Lotz fashion, i have prepped my breakfast and lunch the night before and all I have to do is grab everything together.


Along with a bunch of meds that we will not go into, I take a few supplements in the morning. In this little pile we have; iron, vegan Omega 3, evening primrose oil, probiotics, vitamin D and B12.

Once that is all done, I’m out the door and on my little commute.

How do you all get out the house in the morning? Is there anything I should be adding in to make my morning that bit better?

Have a great weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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