April Favourites

“April Showers Bring Forth May Flowers”……this little saying was very true this year! It has been raining on and off as well as being super sunny! The major problem with this being true……my wardrobe choices have been a bit all over the place! Summer dresses with tights and boots have been my go too for a bit longer than I would like to admit!

So what has been keeping The House of Lotz going over April…….let’s get into it:

In the Kitchen:

I have a very strange yeast allergy that causes me to feel bloated and on the odd occasion get strange rash. So, I can’t eat bread, some crackers…..and no beer or ciders! Sad times for me….I do miss a sandwich!!

So……in my constant quest to find foods I can eat, I have discovered that there is a sour dough out there that I can have!! Since finding this break I have been indulging in one of the things I miss the most. I have created a dupe of the Pret Super Greens sandwich with avocado and peppers. So so happy!!

In the Bathroom: (TMI ALERT! If you are squeamish about periods skip to the next section)

Like most uterus owners, I hate my period! It sucks!! I have 2 showers a day to feel like my normal self, but it never seems to work. The tiredness that comes from getting up 3 or 4 times in a night is unbearable…….so I decided enough was enough!

Over the last few months I have been bombarded with stats and information about how feminine hygiene plastic affects the environment and our bodies, it really is horrible (I will let you do your won research as it is not my place to force this on you).

After seeing all of this, and looking for a better period management system I found Saalt Cup. This menstrual cup is fantastic! It does what it is mean to do and has given me back a week that I usually use to feeling rubbish!

(If anyone is interested in this new system, there will be a post coming up in the summer once i have ironed out all the kinks)

In the Bedroom:

Every new season has its own smell. Spring brings out the honeysuckle, the Jasmin and the beautiful daffodils.

In the spirit of the new season, I have switched my winter fragrance out for something a bit lighter.

This time of year I always find my way back to this limited edition Jo Malone fragrance. I usually hate fennel, but combing it with carrot flower takes away the aniseed twang.

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka in the living room):

My Dad and Uncle are on a mission to make my garden competent. There is no way that I will have green fingers, but I am trying to get to grips with growing things that are not orchids.

For Christmas my Great-Aunt brought us an amaryllis to grow from a bulb. As you can see, i am not doing too bad! Our little friend is coming along nicely….hopefully she will bloom soon!

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):

My 9 to 5 has been killing me over the last few weeks. Everything I have been looking at has taken 100% of my focus and is super fiddly to work out. Staring at my screen non-stop for most of the day has been frying my eyes.

To help me get through this, I have been relying on eye drops to stop my eyes falling out! These are the ones my optician recommended, so I can not say that I have given any other brands a try, but if you are looking for a good eye drop, these are great!

Book of the Month: “A Simple Favour” by Darcy Bell

I know this is now a feature film, but in typical me fashion, I had to read the book first!

All I can say is: this is the strangest book I have read in a while! The story is very well written and it has a plot twist for every occasion, however ti be honest it was a bit much for me. I love a good twisty murder/crime/thriller but it got a bit too fantastical for me at the end.

I would 100% recommend you pick this book u if you love a good thriller, but expect to be confused and a bit exasperated by the end.

Special Mention:

This month I wanted to give a special shout out to my River Island Plus trench coat! The weather has been crazy, so having a coat that suits all my needs has been amazing!

So that was April! How has your Spring been so far?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone xXx hugs and love xXx

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