A Week In Outfits: 9 to 5 edition

I have been working in a corporate office environment for about 9 years now, and over this time I think I have reinvented my style about 50 times! I went from wearing a company provided uniform (just an FYI; Yellow and Grey do not suite me in one outfit) slowing through to being able to wear pretty much whatever I fancy as long as I look the part.

Finding outfits for the average 9 to 5 week can be hard. We very quickly find ourselves repeating them and can very quickly get board of everything in our wardrobes!

Over the last week, I have been documenting my office outfits to give you a few ideas that might spark your interest. Please note that my 9 to 5 has air conditioning and heating running all day so these outfits are great to add extra layers to if needed.


Outfit Details: Top and Skirt from ASOS, shoes from Clarks (they are comfortable enough for during the day but I can not drive in them)


Outfit Details: Coat from River Island Plus Size line, Shirt from New Look, Trousers from ASOS, Trainers from Adidas, Reusable coffee cup from Chilli.


Outfit Details: T-shirt from ASOS, Necklace from Chanel, Faux Leather Skirt from ASOS. I added in my Clarks sandals once i got into the office.


Outfit Details: T-shirt and Skirt both from ASOS. I added in some black tights and boots for the office.


Outfit Details: Coat from River Island Plus Size line, Long Sleeved T-shirt from ASOS, Trousers from Yours Clothing, Trainers from Adidas.

So this is my week in outfits. As you can see I get a little bit more casual as the week goes on but I am super lucky to have Casual Friday for the end of the week!

I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my week and i hope it has given you a little inspiration!

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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