Inspired on the road: 5 minute philosopher from Stylist Magazine

The first part of this week was spent up in London doing various things…including having a bit of a rest and catching up with friends.

Whilst running through the train station I managed to get my hands on a paper copy of Stylist…..which I must confess I do not read as much as I would like! I usually download a months worth before a flight to binge read…..I haven’t been anywhere near an airport since our Honeymoon so this is a publication I have been massively overlooking!

At the very back they have a little article called “5 minute philosopher” where they grab a celebratory and ask them some hard hitting questions. This prompted a few dinner/lunch/drinks conversations so I thought I would go into a bit more detail over here……so….lets get deep this week!

Q: What is the meaning of life?

A: It’s either 42 or something about the human condition. I’m too much of a Sci-fi fan to give you a good answer to this one.

Q: What is the difference between right and wrong?

I feel like right and wrong would not exist in this world if we just behaved like good people, but fundamentally actions that you make knowing they will cause others harm are wrong!

Q: Where is your happy place?

A: I have been in therapy for a really long time, so I have built my own happy place that is a combination of home, my Dadum’s house and my favourite holiday destination.

Q: Nature or nurture?

A: Both. Our nature is what guides us at our core, it is how we are nurtured that ales us do amazing things.

Q: Is it more important to be liked or respected?

A: I don’t think you can have one without the other really. Both things must be earned, so they will usually come hand in hand.

Q: Who or what is your greatest love?

A: My families. Biological, adopted and curated.

Q: When did you last lie?

A: When someone asked me how I was. To avoid a long winded conversation I just said “Yeah, not too bad” rather than saying “I’m run down and could use 3 weeks off just to do a hard reset”.

Q: What is your greatest fear?

A: Being truly alone. I have some strange abandonment issues and having the feeling I will never see someone I love again makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Q: Animals or babies?

A: Animals

Q: What talent do you yearn for?

A: To do hand stands. I get the fear and freak out when I give them a try.

Q: Do you like to be complimented?

A: Of course….but I am rubbish at taking them because I am far to critical of myself. I do the typical deflection that comes with complementing an English girl, but I am working on saying “Thank you” and accepting them more.

Q: Do you have a Hugh pain threshold?

A: It depends. I can sit for a 3 hour tattoo and only ask for fidget and bathroom breaks, but I am awful if I have a headache or stub my toe!

Q: What book do you recommend most to others?

A: Over the last few months it has been “The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hard Castle” by Stuart Turton. It’s bloody amazing!! I also like to recommend anything by Janet Evanovich, she is a GOD!!

Q: Which lesson has been the hardest to learn?

A: Bad thinks happen to good people, good people die young, not everything is your fault.

Q: What food sums up happiness?

A: Stew and Dumplings….oh and Aunty Pat Cakes! A little vanilla sponge with raisins that my family have been making for years!

Q: What have you never understood?

A: Why men get to make decisions about women’s health and wellbeing. No Vagina, No Understanding.

Q: Are you scared of dying and what happens when you die?

A: I am petrified! It is something that is inevitable, I get that, but it is the great unknown and it scares me. After death I think you get a chance to see all the loved ones you have missed, and watch over those who miss you.

Q: Quinoa or Quavers?

A: Quinoa…….allergies keep me away from Quavers……change it to the Salt and Vinader Chickpea Puffs and I will change my mind!

So that was 5 minute philosophy! I hope you enjoyed!! What do you think about the questions i have listed? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Don’t forget to pick up or download Stylist magazine to see what others have been saying xXx

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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