May Favourites

Happy Saturday!!

I am so sorry that I was not around last week……I was super ill last week and had no energy to lift my head let alone sit in my office.

Don’t fret I am up to about 85% today so there I can bring you a little something!

May was such a busy month! We where away for a week which was wonderful and then I spent some time with my amazing family for my Nana’s 91st Birthday.

So, what has been keeping me going over the last month…..let’s get into it:

In the Kitchen:

I do love a snack! I know it can be preserved as a “naughty” thing to do, but I can’t seem to sit and eat something substantial during my 9 to 5.

To satisfy my savoury cravings I have been munching on these chickpea puffs. I always grab the larger packets so I can portion out the amount that I like to have during the day. For once my portion is smaller than the recommended amount so I can get 4 mini packs out of this bag rather than 3.

In the Bathroom:

It is sandal season for us now we have some sunshine!! Along with sandal season comes the need to have our feet summer ready!

A few weeks ago I picked up a vitamin C exfoliator that I was planning on using on my face, however after a series of breakouts, that soon got shoved to one side. On my hunt for softer feet, I have started using it on my feet and it has proven to be amazing! Just follow the same steps you would use to apply it to your face and experience the soft feet you have dreamed of!

In the Bedroom:

Like most people, I seem to have a stockpile of products in the draw that never seem to get used. It is such a shame that they sit there unopened saved for a rainy day or our next rip.

Over the last month I have been emptying the draw and using everything up! It has felt so liberating and I have discovered some real game changes, along with some real duds!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka in the Living Room):

With being ill comes a lot of stress. The Boy was ill as well, so having us both out of action and feeling naff was not ideal!

To helps us nap on the sofa I lit these little lavender and camomile tea lights. The smell refreshing and soothing all at the same times……and they helped us take some naps to recover.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):

Whilst we where away, I treated myself to a little friend!

As you guys know, I have a very very small Louis Vuitton collection. At the moment I mainly collect small leather goods (SLG’s) but I also have a bag and scarf which i just adore!

In my teeny collection, I found a little gab…….so I went out and purchased my gap filler. This 3 card holder is my newest baby and he has proved to be a very valuable member of my SLG family. I can now grab my cards, keys, phone and head out the door!

Book of the Month: “Pirate in Adventures with Romantics” by Gideon Defoe

This was a very quick light read. I good one to grab to sit in the garden with a gin and tonic…..which is what I did whilst reading this book.

I can’t really tell you much about the story as it will give everything away, but if you like a funny nonsensical romp on the hi-seas… will love this!

Well, that was May everyone! How was your month? Did you all enjoy the start to the summer?

Sending hugs and love to you all xXx have a great weekend xXx

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  1. Great post 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much xXx


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