Rush Mini Facial Review

Disclaimer: This facial was gifted by my stylist at Rush Windsor. All products where purchased with my own money. No part of this content has been paid for and is my own opinion.

The last few weeks have been “egh” in The House of Lotz. Both myself and The Boy have been ill….which has not been fun. I even had to take antibiotics which has caused my skin to go NUTS! I have been breaking out, my skin is dry and purging all at the same time…it’s not pretty!

My amazing hair dresser Katie at Rush in Windsor managed to get my a facial appointment at their Beauty Salon (conveniently located across the road from them) to have my skin looked at and saved!!

So, Rush Beauty Salons have started doing Express Elemis facials ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. Cost start from £10 and the facial is catered for your specific needs.

During the facial the technician used the new Superfood range to help with my purging and dryness that I have been experiencing. This range is filled with antioxidants and general goodness for your skin! 

A pressure point facial massage is also included which is just glorious….however it did give me a massive headache but my facial muscles are super sensitive to that sort of thing….and I might not have drunk enough water that morning, but that is beside the point.

After the glorious 15 minutes the technician went through all the products she used. She let me know there was a gift with purchase should you spend a certain amount, however if that was not something I wanted to do there was no pressure at all. I asked her for 1 stand out product which she was glad to recommend…so depending on your budget there is something for everyone!

The products I went for where:

Superfood Facewash (which smells like ginger and cucumber….amazing)

 Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator (oh my goodness this is just incredible)


I have been using these little guys as instructed for the last week and they have been a life saver!! My other skincare soaks in like a dream and my skin does not look so dull!! Now if only I could have giant bottles of these so I can use them on the rest of me, that would be great!


Over all verdict: the facial was incredible. I have already booked in for one after my next haircut and I have promised to make this a regular thing! Like I mentioned above, the first one was gifted, however I will be paying for any subsequent facials that I have. 


Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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