Post Period Reset – 5 things that get me feeling myself again

Happy Saturday everyone!!

As you saw, last week The House of Lotz was closed to guests. It was Father’s Day so I was spending time with my amazing Daddy! He had a wonderful weekend and it was amazing to spend time together.

I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend celebrating too xXx

***Warning: today’s post I am going to be taking about periods a little, so if you are a bit squeamish or not interested, scroll down to my top 5***

Periods are really naff! Anyone who is of the age to be experiencing them can support this moaning statement!

They bring fatigue, cravings, mood swings, tampons, running to the bathroom and curling up in bed. They even bring mental health issues.

I speak mainly for myself in this, but I use to hate my body during this time. The outfit choices I had to make to accommodate the underwear situation and the bloating.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety it all seems to be much much worse during that 5 to 7 days of naffness!!

After a week of feeling like poop, it’s hard to get out of the funk that your hormones bring you. So how do I get back on track and back to normal? Here are my top 5 things I do to rest:

Brightening my day:

As someone who embraces my inner unicorn on the outside, I have chosen to dye part of my hair purple……which I just adore!! What I don’t love is having to keep up the brightness………

During my period my hair gets so greasy so quickly so I have to wash it every other day. This washes my colour out as quickly as chlorine does. The first chance I get, I grab the purple shampoo, a shower cap and get on with my other rest tasks. This way my hair gets a few hours of purple sucking up time and I can move on with my pamper list.

Laundry Time:

During this week of naffness I get bugger all done to be quiet honest. This means that putting away the laundry gets left until I have no pants left in the draw.

Whilst my toner is in my hair, I have a massive laundry based tidy. Everything is put away. Hangers are collected from behind the mirror and the bathroom. Ironing is put away. Now the bedroom floor is clear I have a bit more mental clarity!

Bedroom Blitz:

The daily bathroom once over is another thing that gets neglected. Before I purple all over the place I blitz the bathroom, change all the towels, pop all the reusable things in the laundry basket and get ready for the next part of my reset.

Sorry Skin:

Hormones can really screw up your skin! Spots, dry patches and redness…..not fun at all!

It is time to crack out the face masks, a scrub and a moisturising treatment all topped off with a spritz or rose spay…..happy skin, happy me!

Food Prep Frenzy:

During the week of rubbish, I eat just that….rubbish… I spend my post skincare, post toner time making lunches and breakfasts for the next 3 days. This way I know I am quickly resetting my digestive system. I can also catch up with all my nutrients that have been zapped out of my system over the previous week!

So that is my post period reset routine! What do you do to feel more yourself after a week of yuck?

If you guys are interested, I will be doing about my zero waste period routine in a few weeks so please stay tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs and love xXx

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