Meal Prep Starter Kit – Things you need to prep meals for your 9 to 5

I am the biggest advocate of meal prep. I am that girl who walks into my 9 to 5 with a large bag of food to keep me going throughout the day. I often feel like I am being judged a little bit for such a large bag, but I am one of the few people that does not nip off to the canteen, vending machine or to the high street to grab sugary snacks throughout the day!

Today I wanted to talk about my meal prep starter kit……Now……I’m not going to talk about recipes or snack options, I am talking about containers and things you will need (and probably have around the kitchen already) to help you transport your prepped food to where you need to be.

Disclaimers: this is what I use Monday to Friday every week. I prep my breakfast, lunch and any snacks I might want throughout the day. You might not want to use all of these, but I just find them handy to have.

So…here we go:

1) A lunch bag:

This sounds like a silly thing to put first, but I like to have a separate bag to carry my food in. I have had way too many salads explode in my handbag that I feel that it is something important to invest in. To be fair if I need a new lunch bag I refuse to spend more than £15 and I usually pick them up from Amazon or TKMaxx.

My main criteria for picking out a bag is: will it fit my largest containers in? Is it insulated? (This is super important as our fridge in the 9 to 5 is naff and overfilled so I need something reliable to keep my yummy supplies fresh) Finally, can I shove it in the washing machine? (With all the will in the world, sometimes things spill….and its usually beetroot or maple syrup based!)

2) Various Containers:

I have specific pots that I like to use for specific things. Yes I am that person and no, it does not bother me! I like my prepped food to feel like a little piece of home on the go, so having things like round containers for cereals and porridge makes it feel less like eating at my desk.

If you like to warm up your food I would 100% recommend investing in some glass or ceramic containers. They are microwave safe and a lot of the time they are oven safe too so you can heat up or pre-make any way you please. If you are partial to a bit of on the go ramen, I would recommend a metal thermos, this way you can prep your veggies and noodles, then add boiling water mid morning to have your ramen ready for lunch time!

3) Cloth bags for fruit:

I use cloth bags at the supermarket anyway, so having these around the house is not strange.

Having a little bag for your fruit stops it getting smooshed and, if you are so inclined, it keeps all your scraps together so you can bring them home for composting. They are also great if you get called into a last minute all day meeting…….you can snack whilst everyone else is waiting for the sad biscuits in the coffee break!

4) Snack Packs:

I am not a huge snacker, but I like to pack 1 additional snack on top of my fruit just in case I get peckish…or my day gets stressful and I all of a sudden want to eat my feelings….or the gym/yoga session I have had is harder than a thought….post workout shakes are not the one!

A variety of sizes of containers is ideal for this. So if you have a spare jam jar laying around, fill it with nuts, dried fruits and some chocolate chips ready for when you need it……rather than not having anything and walking over to the vending machine!

5) Cutlery:

This might seem like an obvious thing because you are bringing your food to your 9 to 5….but you would be surprised how many times it is over looked! You can not always guarantee that the canteen or kitchen has a clean spoon so you are stuck trying to eat cereal with a fork!

Side note: don’t forget a teaspoon! I hate eating cereal or porridge with a huge spoon, so having my favourite type of spoon available makes my day a little bit better…..Also, when was the last time you saw a clean teaspoon in the communal kitchen????

So that is my meal prep starter kit! You do not need to spend a fortune, these are all things you probably have around the house, so get to prepping!

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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