August Favourites

Happy End of Summer Everyone!!

I must admit that this year I have taken some time to enjoy the sunshine……but I am so happy to see the back of all the sweating and the arrival of jumper weather!!

August has been a busy month. I feel like I have been all over the place with the 9 to 5 and home. I have been waiting for the bank holiday weekend to take a break……and do my monthly self care to do list……my manicure is still pending…but my September book is waiting for me so I can hardy complain!!

So…what has been keeping me going this August…well…..

In The Kitchen:

I love almost anything pickled….I draw the line at eggs and meat but never mind. In summer I seem to rely on picked items so spice up salads and make my desk lunch less sad!

I go through them so quickly that I have started making sliced pickled red onions to just grab as I go. Having onions and apple cider vinegar in the house means that I can make them a few times a week and be all set.

Added bonus: the left over pickling liquid can be used as salad dressing…..yummy!!

In The Bedroom:

Whilst I was taking my little break, I reorganised our wardrobe…..I know I do this way too often, but sometimes a little reshuffle can feel like you have a brand new wardrobe!

After moving around everything, I decided to start hanging all of my strap tops, but all the hangers I had ready to use where slippy and horrible.

In an activity that took about an hour, I swapped all my hangers over to black velvet nonslip versions. I can now hang everything up using the minimum amount of space.

In The Bathroom:

A bathroom essential has to be toothpaste! Over the last year I have been trying to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals I put into my body and waste that I produce.

After much researching I found this little guy. It does what it is meant to do, it tastes nice and is as natural as I can bear to go at the moment!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka The Living Room):

Now the new sofas are in (Thank you DFS) I have finally got myself a readying nook!! YAAAY!! My lamp is set up, my blankets are within arms reach and there is a perfect spot for me to stand my chosen reading beverage!

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):

Summer in the UK means one very annoying thing….bugs! I seem to be their favourite snack this time of year…..not impressed!!

To help care for my bits I have been slapping on the Germaline like it is going out of fashion! As I am also very very clumsy it is just a handy thing to have around!

Book of the month: “Death In August” by Marco Vinci

The first in a series of books translated from Italian, this book follows around a detective in her pursuit of a murderer. Set in 1960’s Florence in the middle of August the book depicts a sweltering heat, beautiful characters that I can not wait to revisit and a great story that sucks you in!

So that was August everyone! September is set to be amazing…..a hen weekend and a new tattoo awaits!

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

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