I’m back….and I bring Favorites

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

I’m sorry I have been gone so long…….my technical issues took a lot longer to work out than expected! Apparently I use too many pictures….a very long look at all my images and 48 spaces freed up…..we are good to go!

So…..what has been going on the last month….well…

I got a new tattoo…. pop on over to my Instagram to take a look….or hang in tight until next week when I go a full tattoo tour!

I spent time with friends, family and my husband.

I cleaned our home from top to bottom.

I had my IUD changed which was an ordeal and a half.

This week we celebrate our 2 year Wedding Anniversary…..it’s so strange to think it has been 2 years already! This time 2 years ago we had just finished setting up our ceremony room and where off to get dinner. Today my husband is sat paying video games whilst I write……and it just makes me smile!

Anyway….I promised favourites so….what has been keeping me going for the last month?

In the Kitchen:

Summer brings ice cream, spring brings mint…….but autumn…that brings pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! In honour of this lovely festive time of year, I have been indulging in pumpkin spiced coffee both at home and out in the world. There is something so warming and calming about it all at the same time….I can’t get enough and will be enjoying this until the the very last bit.

In the Bathroom:

I know I say this after every tattoo, but my feelings about this do not change. Aftercare is so important and should not be overlooked! After this most recent tattoo I did the usual zinc and caster oil routine, but after 2 weeks it just felt like it was drying out all the time. After a chat with my Dad I switched over to the Aveno Almond Oil Lotion. I use this on my sink daily anyway, so it was not a massive change, but it kept my tattoo hydrated and made sure I wasn’t itching up a storm!

In the Bedroom:

I have been having the worst time with my eyes twitching. I think it is a mix of stress, overwork and way too much screen time…….so….it was time to invest in a new sleeping mask. My beautiful new mask is from a wonderful seller on Etsy. The lavender pouches are removable so you can wash your mask without it going manky. Additional lovely thing; all the packaging was recycled and recyclable so super added bonus!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (Aka in the Living Room):

As with the kitchen, the rest of our home is slowly being taken over by Pumpkiny Goodness! I have freshly carved our Halloween pumpkin along with having a few festively decorated mini-pumpkins dotted around our fireplace so we are feeling super festive! I love this time of year!!

In the Portable House of Lotz:

I am very very lucky to say that I have had my Louis Vuitton Speedy for about 9 years now. He is still in beautiful condition and I have 100% gotten my price per wear down into the pennies. To help him stay his best, I invested in a felt bag organiser from Amazon. It has been great in helping me find what I need and keeps him in great shape.

Book of the Month: ‘Don’t point that thing at me’ by Kyril Bonfiglioli

A delightful little book based in England about an art dealer who has a stolen painting to fence…..with murderous results. Imagine Lovejoy but played by Toby Schmitz.

I haven’t finished it just yet, but would recommend for a nice short read!

So that was October! I hope you have all enjoyed the spooky season.

Have a great weekend loves xXx

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