February Favourites

Another month has been and gone…….I think it might be just me, but the month seemed to go so quickly and so slowly all at the same time!

February saw the Husband and I go to Center Parcs for our birthdays (beautiful, cold and full of squirrels….as it should be), we celebrate my birthday, cry on Mama’s Birthday and smile again on Husbands Birthday. February is the Birthday month, as you can tell, so it has been full of cake and naughty foods.

This has also been the month of snow: as I write this, I am watching our garden peek through the white blanket. Today was our first day leaving the house after 3 days of being stuck inside……I even has to bring my 9 to 5 into The House of Lotz office and work from home…..not impressed!!

So anyway…..let’s get into what has been keeping me going through this cold festive month:

In The Kitchen:

The push for a better world with more recycling and reusable products, I have decided to do my bit. A while ago I made the conscious effort to ask for no straw when we go out anywhere as well as making sure I either have my coffee in the cafe or bring my own travel mug.

Now to take this a little bit further I have been taking these metal straws with me. This was I can have enjoy my beverage through a straw, but not contribute to a pile of plastic.

In The Bathroom:

As a beautiful birthday present, my wonderful Husband brought me a new Jo Malone shower gel to replace one that I just finished.

As an extra romantic step, he picked out one of the matching fragrances on our wedding day.

English Pear and Freesia is something that is delicate, fresh and uplifting. Even though it is a shower gel, the scent lingers all day and makes me smile without fail.

In The Bedroom:

As you all know it has been freaking freezing! According to my Dad (who is my weather expert, and is never wrong) it has been “feels like minus 12” in our area……and living in a house that does not currently have central heating fitted I have been feeling the cold!

To help keep me warm, I have been obsessed with my Yuyu hot water bottle. Yes I know this is the kids cover, however I could not stretch to a cashmere cover!

This little guy stays warm for quite a while, and given him being so long, my entire body gets warm!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka in The Living Room):

As part of our shared birthday gift from my Mum, The Husband and I were treated to a new living room lamp. Our last one bit the dust at the end of January as a result of being a million years old and not screwing together properly.

This amazing spot lamp illuminates our living room independently of all other lights, but not in a garish way. We have fitted it with a warm toned bulb so we get a lovely warm glow.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in my Handbag):

I love to be organised…..we all know this….however like most very organised people, there are a few areas of my world that are messy…..One of these places is my handbag. You would all be appalled at how much of a state it is at the bottom of my bag……

In a last ditch effort to tackle this part of my world, I invested in this beautiful leather clutch from a fabulous seller on Etsy. It is expertly handcrafted, and can really take a lot of stuff!!

Added bonus: it now makes running out the door for coffee or a quick trip somewhere, I can just take this little guy filled with all my essentials and be on my way!

So…..that was February!

I hope you all had a good month, and that you have started to defrost!

Have a great week xXx hugs and love xXx


January Favorites – 2018

Well where did that month go? It feels like only yesterday I was sitting at my desk going through New Years Resolutions!

So…..today I wanted to go through the things that have kept me going through the cold and snow….

In The Kitchen:

As I have mentioned before….I live a very Granny Lifestyle that revolves around routines that keep me sane…..and healthy.

To keep my make sure I take all my vitamins/medication….I sort it all out into these lovely little pots from Muji which I am pretty sure are meant to be used for skin care. Every 10 days I stand in my kitchen and set them all out to make sure I am all healthy and happy!

These little guys have the added bonus of being screw top, and interchangeable so I can bundle some pods together and take them away with me.

In The Bathroom:

I am obsessed with a few things in life, 2 of which have taken up residence in our bathroom.

I have organised (obsession 1) my skincare (obsession 2) into this gorgeous little basket to keep everything together and accessible!

In The Bedroom:

Over the last few months, I have noticed that our bedroom carpet has become a bit squashed and lost a lot of its fluffy-ness…….which made me very sad!!

To bring a little bit of softness (and warmth) to our room, I picked up this sheepskin rug. The shade of grey is goes really well with the colour scheme and “Hygge/Minimal/Chic” vibe I am going for….with the added bonus of being super fluffy and soft on my feet in the morning…..Aaah the benefit of having all the space on my side of the bed!

In The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat (aka Our Living Room):

To continue on the “Hygge/Minimal/Chic” vibe, I decided that we needed a little home for all of our warm blankets to live…rather than being dotted about the room collecting dust.

This basket came as pair with our laundry basket and has holding all my scarves until my recent declutter, but now resides next to my reading nook (fancier than it sounds) so I can grab a blanket as I read or work.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka In My Handbag):

Over Christmas, the building that houses my 9-5 developed a massive hole in the ceiling. The joys of mixing rain with polystyrene ceiling tiles. With this has come a cold draft above my desk……and the heating being turned up……as well as a delightfully constant dripping coming from behind me.

With all of this, has come dry skin that needs some care!! I have been using my facial spray constantly to keep some kind of moisture in my skin!

So, that was January…..lets see what February brings!

Hugs and love xXx

November Favorites!

This year has been going so quickly! I feel like I have blinked and all of a sudden we are it is nearly Christmas!

I must admit, I feel like i have missed half of this month. Being away has been wonderful, but it has really thrown me off my game!

So, what has been keeping me going this month:

In the Kitchen:

Jet lag has been kicking my butt since we got back! I have been awake when I should be sleeping……and falling asleep at my desk in the middle of the day! Coffee has been my best friend! It has been keeping me going at a very basic functioning level….just!

A few weeks back, The Boy brought home this little jar of Illy coffee. It has been perfect to make my everyday espresso, as it is very finely ground. As if my magic it makes my coffee a little bit quicker than my other coffees, so it has helped me get out the door quickly in the morning.

In the Bathroom:

I would like it noted in all the calendars that I have a tan! Currently I am not completely transparent and I have a little bit of colour!

Unfortunately what comes with that is dry skin. To the rescue has come this amazing Rituals scrub. It is a very strong scrub with an oil base has been scenting my bathroom and buffing my skin back to life!

In the Bedroom:

After the storm which was our amazing wedding and perfect honeymoon, I am now trying to get our bedroom back to normal!

During this period I was looking for a bracelet I needed, and found some beautiful dainty necklaces that I had forgotten about.

In an effort to wear them more often, I picked up this beautifully minimal jewellery holder to encourage me to pick one up on my way to get dressed in the morning.

In The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa (aka In the Livingroom):

The sad thing about Sharpies is that the do not last forever! Every so often you have to restock….so maybe this is just me…..but what can I say, I love pens!

I have recently restocked my Sharpie collection and I could not be a happier stationery geek! Every single colour in one place…..I’m so happy!!!

In the Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):

Over my travels I have loved and lost some beautiful carry-on bags. I love and use them until they fall apart! In an effort to find a new travel buddy, I went through my bags with a fine tooth comb!

This trip I road tested my “Louis training bag” from Zara! This bag is about 8 years old and has lasted so well! It is the perfect carry on size and I really had forgotten how much I love it!

So, that was November!!!

Is there anything that you loved this month that I need to try out before the end of the year?

I hope you all have the most beautiful weekend…..bring on December and the festive spirit!

Hugs and love xXx

October Favourites!

Happy Last few days of October everyone!

October has to be one of my favourite months in the calendar. The leaves are changing, it’s getting colder and Center Parcs is usually around the corner for us….but not this year…….

This month has been mental with wedding/honeymoon stuff…..and stress in general…so…..what has kept me sane this month:

In the Kitchen:
Or should I say from the kitchen this month??
I’m about to sound like one of “those people”….but….your gut health is soooooo important!!! After spending a while not eating in the best way that serves my body, my poor little gut bacteria have not been happy campers. It’s really shown in the way my stomach has been feeling. To be truthful it has been affecting the way I feel all over……I’ve been sluggish, moody, bloated…….it has not been pretty!!

After much research I have found this little bottle of goodness has been doing wonders for my health! Kombucha may sound like the oddest thing to drink on a nearly daily basis, but combining this with a healthier eating plan I have been feeling a million times better!!

In the Bathroom:
Charcoal……another hipster thing that I have found the benefits of, but this is something I can get behind! My Dad has been taking it for years to help with digestion. He usually chews it and he noticed a massive difference in the whiteness of his teeth!

As I take a bunch of supplements, it was not something I could add into my routine. Charcoal absorbs anything that you have in your stomach, so if you take something else at the same time, you are not going to get any of its goodness. In a bid to get it into my diet, and whiten my teeth for the wedding, I picked up for charcoal toothpaste!

It’s amazing! I have seen such a difference…….only problem is it makes a massive mess in the sink!!!

In the Bedroom:
I have a lovely new addition to our bedroom, a Himalayan Salt Lamp. I know, I know……you might as well call me a hipster or basic…..whichever is best for you!

Salt lamps have so many benefits, which have proven very helpful in the last month! They reduce stress levels, balance out the effects of the constant use of electronic devices, purifies air and can speed up the healing process. This last one is a big one for me at the moment as I have a new piercing (post will be coming about that soon), so the faster it heals the better.

In the Livingroom (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat)
My Maids of Honour are amazing!! They know me so well!!

At my Hen Weekend, these beautiful ladies brought me this amazing candle!! This is lovingly known as the “Sexy Man Candle”….so if you are near a Yankee shop/concession please go and take a sniff!!

Thank you lovely ladies! It has been making our home smell amazing!!!!

In the Portable House of Lotz (aka in my handbag):
Doing last minute wedding prep has resulted in me needing all sorts of difference pens and stationary bits and bobs.

This simple case from Muji has been super helpful in keeping everything I need together…..and I can keep paperclips without them walking off!!

Have a great weekend lovelies!! Curl up in your favourite chair with a yummy treat and enjoy the Autumn foliage!

July Favorites

Time for monthly favs today lovelies!! This is going to be short and sweet, as I really have not got my brain connected to my hands, and my heart is not in the right place at the moment. (I have been staring at the screen for a good 24 hours or so, and this is as far as I have gotten)

Anyway, lets get into this…..

In The Kitchen:
Comfort food has been the only thing to come out of our kitchen this month. Things that nourish your heart and your body.
In my mind, comfort food is eaten from a bowl with a spoon.

I have been using these bowls so much this month! They are the perfect size and because they are Le Creuset, they keep everything worm. Added bonus, they coordinate with everything in our kitchen.

In The Bathroom:
I have been doing the very basic upkeep with my skin over the last month. In a bid to keep up with some kind of routine I have pulled out the big dogs.

Mixing one part SPF and one part turnaround has been keeping my skin hydrated, protected and looking like i have had some kind of sleep.

The Bedroom:
I have 1 word: concealer!

No sleep and sensitive under eyes means dark circles and burst blood vessels. Combining these 2 little guys has hidden everything and made me look like a normal human being.

In The House of Lots Spa and Retreat (aka In The Livingroom):
So, I caved in and purchased a foot peel pack. Just a cheap one to see what all the hype was about and to check that the thing actually worked.

So, after soaking my feet for 20 mins and 2 weeks of peeling feet (sorry, this is very gross, but it’s not called a foot peel for no reason), my feet are now a million times better than they ever were.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka, In The Handbag):
This month, I treated myself to the newest addition to my handbag collection.

Summer is the perfect time to sport a wicker bag…so why the devil not!

Thank you everyone for being so understanding with everything that has been going on.

January Favourites! 

I don’t know about you guys, but doesn’t it feel like this months has just gone by in the blink of an eye. How are we all the way through January already?
I am sure you have all noticed that I have been a little quiet this month and that The House of Lotz has been closed for guests quite a bit. This month has been a bit hard. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but my depression, anxiety and some other health issues have been keeping me out of action. For those of you who suffer with this sort of thing, you will understand where I am coming from. All I have wanted to do is hide in my house and never leave. It has been taking every bit of energy to get up and deal with the day. But hey, these things happen and sometimes we need to take a break to take care of ourselves. (As this has been acting up, there will be a post coming up in the next weeks).

Anyway…enough about that….let’s get into the things that have been keeping me going over the last month…..
In the Kitchen:

Over the last few months, my stomach has not been feeling tip top. I suffer with intestinal cramping which is stress related anyway, but the last few months have been really bad! After doing some research and reflecting on the things that make up my home, I discovered I was using plastic drinks containers waaaay past when you should switch them out…..and apparently this could have been adding to my discomfort. In a bid to fix this, I have switched all of these out to glass drinks bottles.

These are great! They look super sleek and they are 100% recyclable. So when they eventually chip, they can be responsibly disposed of. 
In the Bedroom:

There is nothing more perfect that new sheets. The Boy and I were super lucky and given a lovely voucher for Christmas my Godparents. So….in a bid to make out home even more cozy, we invested in new sheets.

These are super simple, chic and incredibly soft, so the they win on all counts!
In The Bathroom:

So as you have seen, I’ve not been in the best place, and as a result my usual routines with everything have been thrown in the air! In a bid to get my skin resembling something normal and not a dry piece of toast, I have been relying on my Foreo Luna 2 face cleaning brush.

This little guy is amazing!! It gently buffs and scrubs your skin, but not in a very abrasive fashion. I have even been using the reverse side to reduce my chances of wrinkles and bringing down puffy eyes.
In The Living Room; aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat:

So The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat has had a little rework and has a new section. This is now the home of The House of Lotz HQ. Our “office” space is currently wedding central so there is no room for me….sad times! 

In a bid to get some more focus and spend some more time with my beautiful guests, The Boy and I have organised a little space in here where I can sit, write and play with stationary. 

I am loving my little space, especially the little acrylic drawers that house my happy little stationery collection. 

If I am every stressed, or absent for a while, you will find me here, with a colouring book and a cup of tea trying to get my focus back…..it’s great!!
In The Portable House of Lotz; aka Inside My Handbag:

As you saw from my last post, I am head over heels in love with my new planner! I have been living out of this thing for the last 4 weeks, and I could not be happier!

It’s taking time to get use to the size, the style and finding a planning process that works for me, but I really do love it!
Well, that was January! 

I am working on getting up the post I owe you from my time away, and next month, I am hoping to get back on track! 
Sending you all hugs and love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

August Favourites

Well that was another month gone. As with most other months, it went by in what felt like a blurry dream of quickness. Saying that, this funny realisation that August has come to an end has made me super happy that we are getting one step closer to Autumn, warm comfy clothes, the annual trip to Center Parcs and Christmas.

So…..with all this longing for Autumn and winter, let’s go through all the things I have loved during the last days of Summer:

In The Kitchen:

This month I have been trying to limit my time in the kitchen in a bid to spend more time with The Boy. This has meant coming up wth quick creative ways to make lunch and dinner. In coming up with these recipes, I have discovered my new best friend…..Smoked Paprika:


This stuff is amazing! I have mainly been using this on roasted chickpeas and cauliflower. Super tasty cold for lunch, or straight out of the oven as part of a yummy dinner.

In The Bathroom:

In my bid for better wellness, relaxing more and hoping to ease my back and neck problems, I have been spending a lot more time in the bathtub…..I have been known to stay in there for more than 3 hours, and to be 100% honest….I don’t care!! It’s amazing and I encourage you all to give it a bash. Anyway, in these baths I have been making my way through every bath bomb that Lush make.


My most recent favourite of these is Yoga Bomb. It gives a beautiful colourful bubble show in your bath once it is dropped in, as well as providing you with soft skin, a soothing smell and great muscle relaxing properties.

WARNING: This bomb has glitter in it, so please remember to rinse down the tub once you are done.

In The Bedroom:

As I have mentioned before, The Boy and I are currently in the process of buying our house. With this comes many many sort outs, and even more trips to the tip. From our mass declutter, I have cleared out a tone of space in my dressing table so I can not reorganise my Makeup stash….woohoo!!

This temporary setup is proving to be amazing, as everything is in its own draw and all grouped together…..so much OCD happiness!!

I will be doing a Makeup organisation tour once I have proper dividers in place, as at the moment I am using old Glossy Box lids.

In The Living Room (A.K.A: The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat):

This month the Spa and Retreat has been replaced by a mini office where I have spent most of my time sorting out paperwork and finding new homes for everything. In my super organised brain, I thought it was a great idea to get a label maker to make things easier to find, and to keep us on track.


This little Amazon bargain has proved super helpful and super annoying at the same time…..everything in our house now has a label!!

In The Portable House of Lotz (A.K.A: In My Handbag):

I have been living out of my handbag and my diary this month, so it is no shock that my handbag favourite is stationary related……In the continued bid to stay organised and on top of everything I have been relying on this beautiful pen clip.


I picked this up in Hay whilst on a stationary binge, and it has proved to be a great investment. I must admit, i have lost it in my bag a few times, so I have now clipped it to my diary……no more scary moments for me!!

Well…that was August everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the little glimpse into my month. Next month should bring the fun Autumn stuff that I have been waiting for…woohoo!!

Have a great weekend everyone xXx