July Favorites

Time for monthly favs today lovelies!! This is going to be short and sweet, as I really have not got my brain connected to my hands, and my heart is not in the right place at the moment. (I have been staring at the screen for a good 24 hours or so, and this is as far as I have gotten)

Anyway, lets get into this…..

In The Kitchen:
Comfort food has been the only thing to come out of our kitchen this month. Things that nourish your heart and your body.
In my mind, comfort food is eaten from a bowl with a spoon.

I have been using these bowls so much this month! They are the perfect size and because they are Le Creuset, they keep everything worm. Added bonus, they coordinate with everything in our kitchen.

In The Bathroom:
I have been doing the very basic upkeep with my skin over the last month. In a bid to keep up with some kind of routine I have pulled out the big dogs.

Mixing one part SPF and one part turnaround has been keeping my skin hydrated, protected and looking like i have had some kind of sleep.

The Bedroom:
I have 1 word: concealer!

No sleep and sensitive under eyes means dark circles and burst blood vessels. Combining these 2 little guys has hidden everything and made me look like a normal human being.

In The House of Lots Spa and Retreat (aka In The Livingroom):
So, I caved in and purchased a foot peel pack. Just a cheap one to see what all the hype was about and to check that the thing actually worked.

So, after soaking my feet for 20 mins and 2 weeks of peeling feet (sorry, this is very gross, but it’s not called a foot peel for no reason), my feet are now a million times better than they ever were.

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka, In The Handbag):
This month, I treated myself to the newest addition to my handbag collection.

Summer is the perfect time to sport a wicker bag…so why the devil not!

Thank you everyone for being so understanding with everything that has been going on.


January Favourites! 

I don’t know about you guys, but doesn’t it feel like this months has just gone by in the blink of an eye. How are we all the way through January already?
I am sure you have all noticed that I have been a little quiet this month and that The House of Lotz has been closed for guests quite a bit. This month has been a bit hard. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but my depression, anxiety and some other health issues have been keeping me out of action. For those of you who suffer with this sort of thing, you will understand where I am coming from. All I have wanted to do is hide in my house and never leave. It has been taking every bit of energy to get up and deal with the day. But hey, these things happen and sometimes we need to take a break to take care of ourselves. (As this has been acting up, there will be a post coming up in the next weeks).

Anyway…enough about that….let’s get into the things that have been keeping me going over the last month…..
In the Kitchen:

Over the last few months, my stomach has not been feeling tip top. I suffer with intestinal cramping which is stress related anyway, but the last few months have been really bad! After doing some research and reflecting on the things that make up my home, I discovered I was using plastic drinks containers waaaay past when you should switch them out…..and apparently this could have been adding to my discomfort. In a bid to fix this, I have switched all of these out to glass drinks bottles.

These are great! They look super sleek and they are 100% recyclable. So when they eventually chip, they can be responsibly disposed of. 
In the Bedroom:

There is nothing more perfect that new sheets. The Boy and I were super lucky and given a lovely voucher for Christmas my Godparents. So….in a bid to make out home even more cozy, we invested in new sheets.

These are super simple, chic and incredibly soft, so the they win on all counts!
In The Bathroom:

So as you have seen, I’ve not been in the best place, and as a result my usual routines with everything have been thrown in the air! In a bid to get my skin resembling something normal and not a dry piece of toast, I have been relying on my Foreo Luna 2 face cleaning brush.

This little guy is amazing!! It gently buffs and scrubs your skin, but not in a very abrasive fashion. I have even been using the reverse side to reduce my chances of wrinkles and bringing down puffy eyes.
In The Living Room; aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat:

So The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat has had a little rework and has a new section. This is now the home of The House of Lotz HQ. Our “office” space is currently wedding central so there is no room for me….sad times! 

In a bid to get some more focus and spend some more time with my beautiful guests, The Boy and I have organised a little space in here where I can sit, write and play with stationary. 

I am loving my little space, especially the little acrylic drawers that house my happy little stationery collection. 

If I am every stressed, or absent for a while, you will find me here, with a colouring book and a cup of tea trying to get my focus back…..it’s great!!
In The Portable House of Lotz; aka Inside My Handbag:

As you saw from my last post, I am head over heels in love with my new planner! I have been living out of this thing for the last 4 weeks, and I could not be happier!

It’s taking time to get use to the size, the style and finding a planning process that works for me, but I really do love it!
Well, that was January! 

I am working on getting up the post I owe you from my time away, and next month, I am hoping to get back on track! 
Sending you all hugs and love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

August Favourites

Well that was another month gone. As with most other months, it went by in what felt like a blurry dream of quickness. Saying that, this funny realisation that August has come to an end has made me super happy that we are getting one step closer to Autumn, warm comfy clothes, the annual trip to Center Parcs and Christmas.

So…..with all this longing for Autumn and winter, let’s go through all the things I have loved during the last days of Summer:

In The Kitchen:

This month I have been trying to limit my time in the kitchen in a bid to spend more time with The Boy. This has meant coming up wth quick creative ways to make lunch and dinner. In coming up with these recipes, I have discovered my new best friend…..Smoked Paprika:


This stuff is amazing! I have mainly been using this on roasted chickpeas and cauliflower. Super tasty cold for lunch, or straight out of the oven as part of a yummy dinner.

In The Bathroom:

In my bid for better wellness, relaxing more and hoping to ease my back and neck problems, I have been spending a lot more time in the bathtub…..I have been known to stay in there for more than 3 hours, and to be 100% honest….I don’t care!! It’s amazing and I encourage you all to give it a bash. Anyway, in these baths I have been making my way through every bath bomb that Lush make.


My most recent favourite of these is Yoga Bomb. It gives a beautiful colourful bubble show in your bath once it is dropped in, as well as providing you with soft skin, a soothing smell and great muscle relaxing properties.

WARNING: This bomb has glitter in it, so please remember to rinse down the tub once you are done.

In The Bedroom:

As I have mentioned before, The Boy and I are currently in the process of buying our house. With this comes many many sort outs, and even more trips to the tip. From our mass declutter, I have cleared out a tone of space in my dressing table so I can not reorganise my Makeup stash….woohoo!!

This temporary setup is proving to be amazing, as everything is in its own draw and all grouped together…..so much OCD happiness!!

I will be doing a Makeup organisation tour once I have proper dividers in place, as at the moment I am using old Glossy Box lids.

In The Living Room (A.K.A: The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat):

This month the Spa and Retreat has been replaced by a mini office where I have spent most of my time sorting out paperwork and finding new homes for everything. In my super organised brain, I thought it was a great idea to get a label maker to make things easier to find, and to keep us on track.


This little Amazon bargain has proved super helpful and super annoying at the same time…..everything in our house now has a label!!

In The Portable House of Lotz (A.K.A: In My Handbag):

I have been living out of my handbag and my diary this month, so it is no shock that my handbag favourite is stationary related……In the continued bid to stay organised and on top of everything I have been relying on this beautiful pen clip.


I picked this up in Hay whilst on a stationary binge, and it has proved to be a great investment. I must admit, i have lost it in my bag a few times, so I have now clipped it to my diary……no more scary moments for me!!

Well…that was August everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the little glimpse into my month. Next month should bring the fun Autumn stuff that I have been waiting for…woohoo!!

Have a great weekend everyone xXx

July Favourites

This post has to be the most favourite one I write all month. It’s a great opportunity to go through the last 30-ish days and do a little bit of inventory of things that I have tried out, loved and not loved as much as I thought (those ones I will keep to myself).

So….as always this month has been a little bit of a mixed bag of randomness. Mainly it has been a month of trying to get back on track after a few months of loosing my way with most things. This is what happens when you try to do too many things at once!!

As I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, I could not have gotten back into the swing of things without my little support network. A very special massive Thank You to the wonderful Miss Flavia (the amazing mind and spirit behind Happydemic) for kicking my butt in the gym every Monday…she is a saint for listening to me bitch and moan about being unfit and rubbish at everything, but for also kicking my butt as requested. Sweat is just fat crying……and this amazing lady makes my fat cry a lot!

Right……thats the life and mushy stuff done, lets get into the products:

In The Kitchen:

Being back in the swing of things means giving up on all the things that make my body feel awful! To help my back on the path to a balanced body, I have been eating all the yoghurt I can get my hands on…..as well as munching on my favourite salad buddy…Giant Couscous.


It is a great thing to have for lunch or dinner, and is super versatile. Added bonus…it takes the same amount of time and effort to make as regular couscous.

In The Bathroom:

Continuing the theme of this post and getting back on track with everything, I have been trying to pay more attention to my skincare routine. Over my “not on track” moment, I was not looking after my skin and as a result my chin exploded.

After mooching through the internet, I found that this little combination was going to work best for me.


If you are at all nervous of mechanical face brushes, I would 100% recommend the Luna Mini. It is not cheep (this little guy set me back £29 from amazon), but it lasts for up to 100 uses and gives you a good idea of how the product works. Hand on heart, I can say i will be asking for the full size brush for Christmas, and will continue to be use it with this great face wash!

In The Bedroom:

In the UK we had our summer the other week. A few hot days in a row that allowed normal people to pop their sandals on…..on the other hand I have taken a page from my Dad’s book and have been wearing them every day for the last 2-3 weeks. Even in the rain.


With this comes the need for maintaining my recently re-buffed feet….so I have been covering them in this foot balm. I know this is an over share, and a lot of people hate feet…but….if your feet crack in any way this balm will repair the damage within 2 days.

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat)

As you guys know, I am a stationary junky….anything I can use to make my daily diary and note making that bit more enjoyable, I will go out of my way to get my hands on it.

This past month I have been using my kikki and Hay finds so much, and it makes me super happy!


Come on….how can you be a stationary junky and not love the picture???

In The Portable House of Lotz (aka in My Handbag)

Everyone who knows me personally, knows that my body is odd……I swear that I am the only person who has an allergic reaction to Johnson’s Baby products. Along with this weird thing, in the last few weeks, I have discovered that the skin around my eye has a horrible reaction to micellar water and sun cream. It is awful! my eye goes super dry and super itchy.


After searching through Boots, I discovered that the only thing that will help heal this up is E45. I have been taking it everywhere with me and smothering my eyes with it every second it get (side note, it makes me look like a raccoon). The smell of this stuff reminds me of my Dad…..so smothering it all over my face has not been a bad thing.

So that was the highlights from the last month. I hope you all enjoyed…….

Is there anything you guys think I should be trying next month? Is there anything I have missed off? Let me know xXx

Have a great weekend xXx hugs and love xXx

April Favourites

Well, that was April everyone. It has been another month to come and go in a flash like the last few….however this time, it has gone by in a whirl wind of bubbles, crying and screaming with joy.

So…..let’s get into it before I burst…

Life Favourite:

The Boy and I are delighted to announce that we are Engaged! We really could not be any happier!!


Engaged – Aaaah!! Oh..and the Smythson Wedding Planner

No comments, no questions…..this is all.

(There might be be Wedding Planning posts to come, but I have jet to discuss this with The Boy or collect my thoughts about any of this yet)

We have spent most of the month celebrating. This weekend is no exception as we have some wonderful friends coming from Bath this weekend.

In The Kitchen:

Disaster of all disasters……our toaster died. One day to was toasting happily, the next everything is burned to a crips and the smoke alarm is going off…so off to out local John Lewis we went.


Kilner Storage Jar, Medium and Large John Lewis Storage Jar

After my little story, you would think my Kitchen Favourite for this month was our toaster….but no…..

Next to the toaster and bins, there was a beautiful display of Storage Jars which I feel in love with. So….these little guys came home with us…along with a new toaster and bin.

They have prompted a Kitchen Spring Clean in The House of Lotz. These jars now live on the kitchen side filled with wholesome ingredients that have made me really cook outside my usual comfort zone….recipes to follow.

In The Bathroom:

As it’s nearly the season to start cracking out my arms, leg and sandalled feet, I thought it was time to invest in a new body scrub. Something a bit softer with a more floral scent……as always I went straight to Rituals to have a good sniff of everything to find some inspiration.


Rituals – Himalaya Scrub

This amazing Sweet Almond and Indian Rose Himalaya Scrub is no exception. The fine crystals really get down into the skin and buff it to a perfectly smooth surface.

As this product has a scented oil as the base, i try to use it at the end of my shower routine……oily hair is not cute!!

In The Bedroom:

With the warmer weather around the corner (I hope at least as it day…it’s been snowing), I thought it was time to invest in some summer PJ’s. This and with ASOS having a sale, I just couldn’t resist.


ASOS Curve Pijamas 

I decided that satin shorts and tops where the way to go, and boy was I right! The shorts are super comfy, and the tops are super cute…so these might just make it into my everyday rotation and make an outing for dinner and drinks.

NOTE: ASOS Curve PJ’s are very true to size. You do not need to go up or down. Everything is just the right size, with just enough extra room.

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat):

So….back at the toaster and storage jars in John Lewis…..I may have discovered the general Home Storage in the area I was mooching through. In this little ares, I found this amazing collapsible storage basket.


John Lewis Storage Basket

This little guy was immediately declared the perfect home for my Yoga paraphernalia. I know that sounds super dodgy, however, I have 2 Yoga Mats, 3 Blocks, A travel mat and straps to find homes for all over the living room, so it was about time to get them a single home. Everything now lives in one place, and I can always find what I need.

In My Handbag (aka The Portable House of Lotz)

There has been so much going on this month, and will be going on in the next few months, I have been living out of my dairy. So this month, I wanted to show case it to it’s full amazing glory.

Organisation Tips for 2015

Moleskin Diary

This Moleskin Weekly Planner is perfect for planning out my week, as well as keeping track of my ever increasing to do list.

I even have space to write in a section I call “Thoughts for the week”. A little space that I can brain dump things that are bothering me, making me anxious and make me happy throughout the week.

Is it bad that the colour coded washi tape just makes me feel calm? My diary is as colourful as my mind feels on a daily basis.

So…..that was April!

What have you all been up to? Is there anything I need to get my little hands on to add to my favourites for May?

Have a great weekend…..Hugs and Love xXx


March Favourites

I have one word that sums up March – Germy! As you all saw last week, The House of Lotz was under quarantine due to a rather horrid throat infection that had decided to take up residence. For the best part of a week, all I could do was squeak at people and main that I was behind with everything….

However, before losing my voice and giving everyone I know a quiet life for a change, the month of March was filled with Spring-like fun…….so….here are the best things that have been keeping The House of lots going this past month….

In The Kitchen:

This month has shown the start of the Sunshine and bright tasty goodness, and my snack choices have really reflected the change in season. Pistachios are addictive anyway, but this month I have been eating them like they are going out of fashion!


March Favourites – Pistachios

This month I have been adding these little nuggets of yumminess to my afternoon snack of Blueberries and a cup of mint tea, and they have been really hitting the spot!

In The Bathroom:

As you may have seen from my Instagram (@thehouseoflotz)…the end of February marked a bit of a hair change for me….and March has been no different! My Amazing Hair Dresser Millie from Rush Windsor has been fantastic at making my Violet-Grey hair dreams come true. She never fails to make me feel like a more Lotz version of myself….couldn’t love her more!!

Anyway….gushing aside…..with this amazing hair change has come a hair product change…….and we all know how I feel about doing anything to my hair in the first place!! At the suggestion of Miss Millie, I have invested in a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to stop my hair going a crazy straw colour.


March Favourites – Purple Shampoo

This particular set came from ASOS at a bargain price and its been keeping my hair perfect!

In The Bedroom:

As part of an amazing Birthday Pressie series from my Mama and Dadums, they gave my this amazing Night Serum from Lulu’s Time Bomb.


March Favourites – Lulu’s Time Bomb

A light layer of this, combined with my usual skincare routine has been brining my skin back to its usual bright shiny self.

In The Living Room (aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat)

As you saw in my Nail SOS post from the 12th March, my nails have been falling apart and have been in need of a massive revamp. This has mainly consisted of buffing and filing them back to nothing and covering them in the Sally Hanson Nail Rehab.


March Favourites – Sally Hanson Nail Rehab

This stuff is AMAZING!! 2 coats of this every few days really has been bringing the strength back to my nails, all whilst giving them a little coat of colour….very French Beauty Chic.

In The Handbag (aka The Portable House of Lotz)

So…..I appreciate that this particular favourite does not fit in my hand back, but…..it’s far too cool for me not to mention.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but, I love unicorns! They are amazing and beautiful! So when an email came through from Firebox advising me that they have a “Magical Unicorn Umbrella” I might have freaked out a little bit!


March Favourites – Unicorn Umbrella

This combines 2 things I love, and I had to have this umbrella for my collection…yes I collect umbrellas….what can I say…I live in England, it’s a practical thing to collect!!

So….that was March from The House of Lotz. What have you guys been loving this month?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Holiday Weekend xXx Hugs and love xXx

February Favourites

Well….apparently I blinked and February passed me by! It feels like I have only just gone through January Favourites, and I am already looking into March and Mother’s Day.

Anyway…..I wanted to start off this month’s favourites by saying a massive Thank You to all my wonderful friends and family for a wonderful Birthday Season! Apparently being 30 suits The Boy and I. We really could not have had a better time!!

A special Thanks also goes out to Mrs Briana for another amazing Collaboration! As always her posts are inspiring on so many levels…..Now….watch this space for more guest spots over the rest of the year…

Right….now into the Mix and Match of things that have made up the Month of February in The House of Lotz…

In The Kitchen:

So….hands up who can start the day without coffee….? Well, you luck ones with your hands up, I am not in your group. I do not have the joy of being able to face the day as it comes, and as a result, I develop a crazy close bond with my caffein fix of choice.


This month I have been trying out this very fancy espresso powder…..I know i know….instant espresso should really be a sin in life, however, this is actually rather nice! At 0600hrs when I am trying to leave the house, making espresso the good old fashioned way is just not going to happen. i have found that I can get that amazing good old fashioned taste and experience by mixing 2tsp of this powder with my steamed milk for that “Girl In A Hurry” Cappuccino. Perfect to tackle the M25 with!

In The Bathroom:

Over the last month or so, my skin has had a bit of a falling out with my Liz Earl Cleans and Polish cream….it was not pretty!! There where dry patches and all kinds of stinging and itching going on…..anyway…..enough about my poor face…..

As a result of this dryness, I have switched up my entire skin care routine to include more oils to get as much hydration into my skin as possible. The newest edition to this oily skin care line up is the Emma Hardi Cleansing Balm. You know I am not one to jump on the hype band wagon, but, this stuff is worth it! My makeup melts away into a smudgy mess that is swiftly swished away with a flannel or cotton cloth. This stuff even removes liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascara with hardly any effort at all.


Added bonus: its has a beautiful light citrus fragrance which is super uplifting and relaxing for a hint of luxury at the end of a long day.

In The Bedroom:

My Name is Lotz and I’m a lip product junky…..I can’t help it! To add to this terrible affliction….I am also addicted to high end makeup. It’s just so pretty!! Anyway…..to the point….Over my Birthday Harrods Trip, I picked up the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colour in “No Vacancy” and it is amazing!!!


The shine is has soon fades however, you are left with a beautiful tint on the lips. The applicator is much the same as the Clarins Lip Perfecters, and gives a great little plumping massage as you are applying the sticky liquid colour.

Unlike most lip lacquers, this is easy to reapply and, for such a bright colour, it is great for all day long.

In The Living Room (A.K.A The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa)

I’m really really sorry but I am about to bang on again about another high end product…..I have an excuse…..It was my Birthday!!!!


Top: Lola, From Left to Right: Daisy, Blacquer and Fluorescent beige

Marc Jacbos is now in the UK……all the screams and jumping up and down happened when I saw this on Instagram. i am super lucky as I already had a couple of these amazing nail colours from very lucky trips to Sephoras over the past few years, but I have now increased my collection……As a brand, Marc Jacobs just has Nail Colours on point! The are opaque in 2 coats, dry quickly and last for ages! The only polishes I have used this month are these 4….and as a result The House of Lotz Retreat and Spa might just get rebranded as a nail salon!

In My Handbag (A.K.A The Portable House of Lotz)

So……rewind to August and a conversation i had with my Mother over coffee…..I was given the option to have a Birthday Party for my 30th….me…social….on my Birthday….I don’t think so! A party could not have been a worse idea!! So….my Mother thought for a few beats and said “Well, what else do you want?” as a total joke I mentioned a particular brand, and a particular limited edition bag……


I am not the proud Bag Mummy of this amazing Mulberry Bayswater in Oxblood. This was a total shock one my Mother took me seriously! I really could not be more happy with it and i love it so much! Don’t get me wrong,I love my Louis Vuitton, but, this is super special and I will let you all in on this little story in a post to come in the next month or so.

So…that’s what has been keeping The House of Lotz going over the month of February.

What have you all being loving this month?

I hope you all had a wonderful February…..I can’t wait for you to see what I have in store for March!

Have a great weekend xXx Hugs and Love xXx