One Skirt Three Ways – Spring Edition

Pink blossom is on the trees, birds are singing, the days are getting brighter and longer……these 3 things can only mean one thing……Spring is here!! 
As well as the blossom, spring has also brought with it the “less than 250 days” bracket of the wedding countdown….this may seem like a random statement, but trust me, this will make sense as the post goes on!
As always, I am going to go through the 3 ways I have/will be staying my favourite pencil skirt over Spring……..let’s get into it!
Meeting after meeting after meeting:

The last few weeks have been manic! If I am not sitting in meetings/calls during my 9-5, I am at wedding meetings. So this outfit have has been my go to for comfort (meeting room chairs are not comfortable) and it looks professional.

Tucking a smart denim shirt into my pencil skirt and adding a tan sandal gives what could be a stuffy work outfit a modern twist.
Lunch, Brunch and Weekend Wedding Appointments:

Like I said, when I’m not at my 9-5, I am in wedding meetings with The Boy. 

So I am able to make a seamless transition from a yummy lunch date into a wedding appointment, I have been keeping things simple with a comfy jumper and my loyal tan sandals (please don’t judge me, I have these in 2 colours). I look put together, but not too 9-5 put together!
Dinner Date with The Boy:

These moments do not happen very often! The last few months have been crazy, so the only time The Boy and I have had together is at wedding appointments. To fix this, we went out for a lovely dinner and switched off for a while!

Adding my little frilly white t-shirt and pumps to my classic skirt makes for a fun date night outfit that I can actually eat in.
So that is the Spring Edition of One Skirt Three Ways! Come back soon for the Summer Edition…..bring on the flip flops!!
Have a great weekend xXx Hugs and Love xXx

March Monthly Plan With Me

“Hi, my name is Lotz and I am a planner girl”. It is nice to finally admit that to you all, but I think you may have already have guessed that by now!I am addicted to my Erin Condren planner and everything that comes with it. Now don’t get me wrong, like most planner addicts, I find myself in a planner/sticker/stationery vortex on a regular basis, but I freaking love it! 

I am more than happy to loose about 3 hours from my weekend and 90% of my wages to Etsy and the sticker gods!! 
So, with that confession out of the way, I wanted to share the way I set up and use my planner with you all!! Erin Condren/sticker planning is not very common in the UK yet, so I wanted to share my little set up…..
Monthly Setup for March:

Monthly planning is a little odd for me as each month starts out nearly blank. I tend to know some small details a few months in advance, but I do not add them in permanently unless it is set in stone.

As you can see, my car is having a service in late March, which I booked back in January. 
Everything else is set out on a post it so they can be moved around, or have been added to the schedule when I have been away from my office/sticker supply.

After taking all these into account, I pick my kit for the month. I hit Etsy once a month (usually 2 weeks before the next month is due to start) to find a kit that I can use for the following month. This is the only way I can stay on top of all the things that are coming and going at the moment. 

This month I have also added in these adorable “Wacky Holidays” sheet for March. This is just a little bit off fun I thought I would try out.
First things down are the top banners, big marker stickers and pre-planned appointments. 

Then for the “Wacky Holidays” and decorative stickers followed by the stackable side bar.

For the planner junkies out there, you know exactly what I am talking about, however, for those not in familiar with this term, it is basically a set of stickers that stack one on top of the other to make a functioning list.
As we are in the throws of lent during March, I will be listing the things I give up for the season.

As the month progresses, I will add my Wedding “to do list” post it as well as any other bits that pop up.

So that is March all sorted. 

Stay tuned for more Plan With Me’s coming soon!

Have a great weekend everyone xXx Hugs and love xXx

One Skirt Three Ways: Winter Edition

Style is such a funny thing. You can give 2 people exactly the same wardrobe and I can guarantee that they will not style the same pieces the same way…..well unless they are pre-teen/teenage girls of current years. It seems that they are ok with matching each other….crazy people!!

This year I wanted to showcase an item that I wear more than I thought. It was only when I wanted to wear it and I was sad that it was in the wash that I realised this was a must have piece that could be worn a million ways….or in my case a million days in a row!
So, this year I am doing One Skirt Three Ways featuring my Asos Jersey Pencil Skirt.
This item is super affordable and super comfortable. It also has a wonderful fit! I am relatively short, but the hem hits me at just the right point below the knee that is very flattering!
So, that’s the piece love fest done, now it’s time for the outfit ideas:
Sunday Brunch:

As mentioned in my post last week, The Boy and I have a long standing brunch date in the calendar every Sunday where we munch, chat and just have a bit of fun.

Just because it’s brunch doesn’t mean I always wear what can only be described as a post yoga outfit. I can 100% guarantee I have not worked out in the morning, but I basically go for a super comfy outfit! 
To add a bit of glamour to my super comfy outfit, I have been switching my leggings for my pencil skirt and pumps. Adding a comfy jumper and casual flats to your pencil skirt brings a bit of softness to a glamour out piece as well as working the other way round.
A Day In The Office:

Office outfits in winter need to combine all of the following needs in one place: comfy, warm, professional and simple. There is nothing I hate more than a stuffy/fussy work outfit……it takes me long enough to get comfy in my desk chair so I do not need an uncomfortable outfit to go with it!

My current go to outfit is what I like to call my “Wednesday Addams Office Wear”. This jumper is warm cozy, comfy and simple. Adding in the loafers (that are very trendy at the moment) completes the outfit nicely without having to add in some heels.
Fancy Birthday Dinner:

Even when I am going out somewhere nice, I like to keep it simple. This way I still look and feel like myself without having to worry about having a confidence crisis halfway through the evening.

I have paired my ever faithful black heels with an open back shirt to add a little something extra for a special occasion.
Well, that’s it for this week everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the newest addition to the 1 item 3 ways series.
Sending you massive hugs and love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

What’s been going on? The Life Update

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and that your week had been quick and stress free!
So like I mentioned in my monthly favourites last week, things have been a little bit unbalanced for a while. I have missed some posts (I actually still owe you one more that is coming in a few days), ignored my phone and social media platforms. This has gone so far as ignoring family, and even hiding from The Boy.
This week I wanted to share some honesty and advice about how to keep going when everything feels so dark and horrible.
So, what has been going on? What brought this one? What am I doing to get myself out of my funk……..?
The Big Picture:

As a mentioned a while back, like a large amount of the population I suffer with mental health issues. I believe that everyone does at some sort of level but we react in different ways. 
Personally I suffer with a combination of depression and anxiety. I find that when they pop up separately I am able to handle them, but to be honest it’s a funny little combination. When they decide to pop up at the same time they results in paranoia that can be so bad it makes me physically sick. 
The main issue with these 2 things, it that one feeds the other. When I am anxious, it makes me sad, which feeds my depression, then I get worried that I am heading in a downward spiral which freaks me out, then I worry that people can see that I am suffering and they are talking about me….and so on and so on. 
I like to call this horrid cycle “Spinning out”. If anyone has seen NCIS there is a character called Abbey (my girl crush by the way) who has a tendency to talk with no spaces, this is exactly what my brain feels like. It’s like a monologue that keeps going going going and doesn’t stop until you hit the bottom of the well.
What brought this little spat on?

I have two things to say: Wedding and People!
Wedding are stressful and so are people.
Planning a wedding takes a lot of thought, time and effort. You have to think of all the legal stuff as well as all the pretty stuff that goes into it. 
With these things also comes people. There are those who like to give their opinions (positive and negative) over what you have picked, those who give passing advise that it sometimes helpful, and those who are happy to sit quietly.
These people are all helpful and not helpful all at the same time, but if you are like myself and take whatever people say to heart, these voices will multiply, run around your head for a week, making you anxious, then sad and then sick. (See, spinning out…..again….and it’s not fun!)
What have I been doing to make myself feel better?

Now we have got through the sad reflective part of this post (I currently have tissues dotted around my office), it’s time for the tips part. These are the 3 things I have been doing to improve my mental health over the last few weeks:
Get back into your routine: I find that when I get into this cycle it is important to keep up my usual routines. According to my therapist, keeping to your routines can balance out the chemicals in your brain and make your depression/anxiety/paranoia ease off a bit faster. 

The Boy and I have a standing breakfast date on a Sunday and date night on Wednesday that I do not like to give up unless either of us really have to. We have even extended this to taking the whole day together on a Sunday and it is doing me a world of good!
Phone Ban: ok, so this sounds a little extreme, but it is not that bad! I now don’t answer my phone and check any social media after work or at the weekends unless I want to. I find that this is a great way of freeing up time for other things that can contribute to your general mental wellbeing. 
Sweat it out: I am super lucky to have a wonderful friend who keeps me accountable for my gym habits. At my regular request she has had me sweating bullets, and it instantly makes me feel better! The endorphins that are produced when you exercise are amazing for bringing you mood back up. You also have to really pay attention to what you are doing in the gym……this is not a time for a spinning out brain meltdown…mainly because you have to concentrate on what you are doing and not drop weights on you feet, or punch your friend rather than the punching bag.
Bonus Tip: if you are having an anxiety attack, count numbers out of sequence. Your brain can not panic and count non-sequentially at the same time!
So, that’s what has been going on in The House of Lotz. I have a feeling that this will be the running trend of this year, however, please know that I am here and thinking of you! Even if I have not posted, I am still around!
If any of you have similar feelings or issues, please feel free to keep the conversation going below xXx 
Have a great weekend xXx

January Favourites! 

I don’t know about you guys, but doesn’t it feel like this months has just gone by in the blink of an eye. How are we all the way through January already?
I am sure you have all noticed that I have been a little quiet this month and that The House of Lotz has been closed for guests quite a bit. This month has been a bit hard. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but my depression, anxiety and some other health issues have been keeping me out of action. For those of you who suffer with this sort of thing, you will understand where I am coming from. All I have wanted to do is hide in my house and never leave. It has been taking every bit of energy to get up and deal with the day. But hey, these things happen and sometimes we need to take a break to take care of ourselves. (As this has been acting up, there will be a post coming up in the next weeks).

Anyway…enough about that….let’s get into the things that have been keeping me going over the last month…..
In the Kitchen:

Over the last few months, my stomach has not been feeling tip top. I suffer with intestinal cramping which is stress related anyway, but the last few months have been really bad! After doing some research and reflecting on the things that make up my home, I discovered I was using plastic drinks containers waaaay past when you should switch them out…..and apparently this could have been adding to my discomfort. In a bid to fix this, I have switched all of these out to glass drinks bottles.

These are great! They look super sleek and they are 100% recyclable. So when they eventually chip, they can be responsibly disposed of. 
In the Bedroom:

There is nothing more perfect that new sheets. The Boy and I were super lucky and given a lovely voucher for Christmas my Godparents. So….in a bid to make out home even more cozy, we invested in new sheets.

These are super simple, chic and incredibly soft, so the they win on all counts!
In The Bathroom:

So as you have seen, I’ve not been in the best place, and as a result my usual routines with everything have been thrown in the air! In a bid to get my skin resembling something normal and not a dry piece of toast, I have been relying on my Foreo Luna 2 face cleaning brush.

This little guy is amazing!! It gently buffs and scrubs your skin, but not in a very abrasive fashion. I have even been using the reverse side to reduce my chances of wrinkles and bringing down puffy eyes.
In The Living Room; aka The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat:

So The House of Lotz Spa and Retreat has had a little rework and has a new section. This is now the home of The House of Lotz HQ. Our “office” space is currently wedding central so there is no room for me….sad times! 

In a bid to get some more focus and spend some more time with my beautiful guests, The Boy and I have organised a little space in here where I can sit, write and play with stationary. 

I am loving my little space, especially the little acrylic drawers that house my happy little stationery collection. 

If I am every stressed, or absent for a while, you will find me here, with a colouring book and a cup of tea trying to get my focus back…’s great!!
In The Portable House of Lotz; aka Inside My Handbag:

As you saw from my last post, I am head over heels in love with my new planner! I have been living out of this thing for the last 4 weeks, and I could not be happier!

It’s taking time to get use to the size, the style and finding a planning process that works for me, but I really do love it!
Well, that was January! 

I am working on getting up the post I owe you from my time away, and next month, I am hoping to get back on track! 
Sending you all hugs and love xXx Have a great weekend xXx

New Year, New Planner

A New Year can bring so many things, a new view on life, new things you want to achieve, some big life changes and special events. 

There is only one way to keep track of all these things: a brand new 2017 planner.
Over the last few years I have been amazingly loyal to my Moleskin single week view diary. I have not fallen out of love with this style, but I thought this year it was time for a change. I just felt a bit stagnant with the way I was doing things and I wanted to mix it up a little.
If any of you are slightly odd, love planning and being organised like myself, you may have heard of the Erin Condren Life Planners. They are this amazing mix of functional diary and a bit of creative fun, so you know I had to jump on this bandwagon ASAP! I think I have watched every YouTube video and searched every sticker shop on Etsy to find a planning style that suits me and the way I choose to organise my life. 
Today I wanted to do a little review/planner set up post so you can see what all the fuss is about:
The Planner Itself:

I know I know, this book is HUGE!! The only comparison I can give you is roughly the same size of an A5 notebook. I must admit, this did put me off at first, but to be fair, it’s not that bad.I did a bit of measuring and it fits is my 2 most used bags, so I was more than happy to take the plunge. 

On the Erin Condren website you can be like a kid in a candy store. You can personalise your planner more than any other product I think I have ever seen before.
You can pick you cover, personalise your cover with your name or a phrase of your choice, the colour of the coil, the length of the planner (12 or 18 months) and you can pick the page theme. 

When I say page theme, I mean you can pick from a series of colour coded months, or neutrals. I was so so tempted with the colour coded months, however the neutrals offer so many options for later on.

Just a note: the covers are removable, so you can bring your planner into a new fashion season along with you. Personally, I love my cover and will probably be bringing it forward to next year……maybe….
There is only one downside to ordering this planner: it comes from the US and the customs charge is crazy! I’m so glad this a once a year expense.
In this amazingly expensive little pack, you will also get a planner pocket, coil clip, page marker/ruler and some planning stickers. 

Set Up:
For those of you who have heard about these before, who have potentially watched the videos and even invested in these planners before you all know the best part about them…..the set up!

These planners allow you to constantly express yourself creatively whilst keeping yourself organised.
To make the most of you planner, you can go onto Etsy and find some crazy amazing stickers to help you in your pursuit of organisational nirvana! 
I have learned through many a customs charge that you should only order your stickers from stores in country you live in, otherwise you will get charged probably double what you paid for your stickers in customs charges. 

Personally I would recommend: Plannerface, Lucinda Charlotte Designs and OodlemaDoodles. Beautiful stickers, amazing quality and super quick delivery. 

So…….I know this week has been a little brief and a bit random, but the main reason I wanted to do this little sneak peek is to introduce a new series. I will be doing my own version of the ever popular “Plan With Me” that are found in the planner community. These are mainly on YouTube, but as this is not a platform I am using as of yet, we will have to stick to a blogging version. 
Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs and love xXx